Back to School

So I finally sat down and talked to someone at the local community college about my EMS degree and a new program. It turns out that I am 4 classes away from my associates degree (an AAS level math, Psych 1105 (Intro Psych), IT 1010 (Intro to computers), and Eng 1101 (basic comp). I didn’t realize I was that close. I also was informed about a new Community Paramedic program that the college is offering for the first time starting this Fall.

The new program consists of 21 hours total over two semesters, almost all of it online. The physical portion of the program consists of several hundred precepted clinical hours in the city. I’m excited and put my application in for it. Apparently it’s a competitive program with 3+ years of EMS, working as a paramedic in a prehospital environment, and approval of service director being some of the requirements. I submitted everything by last Tuesday and found out last Wednesday that I was accepted! So this coming semester it looks like I’ll have 17 credit hours of online classes, plus the critical care program that my company is paying for us to do. Gonna be a busy few months.

I honestly hadn’t realized that I was that close to having my associates degree. If I had I might have put more work into getting it by now. I firmly believe that in the future that AAS-Paramedic programs will be the minimum accepted entry into the ranks of Paramedics. Hell, here in NM there are no more certificate programs. I wish I had gotten my degree as soon as I finished P-school, but that wasn’t in the cards for me.

So here we go. Another busy semester, but one I feel I need to do. I’ll have my degree by May :) And have another CCT cert, and a certificate of completion of Community Paramedicine studies too.

Another loss for NM EMS







Early this morning there was word that a HEMS bird crashed in rural eastern NM. And it proved to be Careflight 5 out of Santa Fe, NM. This hits a lot of us hard because NM EMS IS such a small community. I’m kinda stunned at all of this. I knew that crew, I’ve talked to them on and off at work. And, because I do aviation photography, I have seen that crew at hospitals and taken pictures of their bird. Tri-state Careflight is a good company, and their crews are amazing. They will be missed, greatly. Good thoughts go out to their families, and to everyone that’s hurting tonight.

RIP Brothers and sister. We have the watch now.


New adventures, Familiar Place

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New Goal

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Is this what I wanted?

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Code Blue, Code Stroke,… Code Green?

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We lost a good man yesterday


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Well now another update

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It is like an addiction

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