Hey, where'd my soul go?

Wow… when people said medic school would swallow your soul, I didn’t think they meant literally. I think my soul might have just been snatched. Funny thing is, medic school is the only thing in my life that seems to be going right.

My ex-fiance and I are not having a good time. We did get back together only to ‘take a break’ and now neither of us are happy with the other.

I am now gainfully unemployed, as the IFT company I was working for fired me over the incidents of 12-26-08. I’m trying to collect unemployment, but that’s in a fight because DOL is trying to collect information from my old company, and they don’t want to talk to each other. Making it really hard to continue school when I’m worried constantly about how I’m going to make rent or pay my bills. I applied as a supply clerk with the local 911 private service, so I’m waiting to see how that goes. I am also now applying for a volunteer FD service in the county where I was going to that MCI at. They are hurting for everyone, so they’re glad to get a basic who’s in Medic school.

Medic school is making me more excited to get into the street as a working medic. I loved working 911 calls when I was a basic, but paramedics always made me in awe of what they knew and what they could do. Everything that has happened has just made my desire to work on the streets more and more.

Still not sure what else I’m gonna do after I DO get my medic cert… I want to stay here in NM to get my AAS in Paramedicince, that much I know for a fact. I’ve been toying with enlisting in either the Army or the Navy as a combat medic/corpsman, respectively. I come from a military family and military has always been something I’ve wanted to consider. In fact it’s one of the reasons why me and my ex are fighting. After that, I don’t know. Get my BSN while I’m in? Make a career out of it? Join LE or FD? Not sure. I still want to wind up as a flight nurse or Tac medic eventually.

It’s funny, this job is so broad, I don’t think one person could ever do everything that this career field offers. I want to help people. That’s why I got into this field. And I will do it, even if it kills me.

Well, that’s my update for now, I’ll talk about something else soon.