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I kinda want to pimp one of my friends new developments.
Written by one of my favorite friends and former partners. A webcomic with attached blog of her own personal ranting 😀 Check it out.

Note to self

When you have two exams back to back for Pschool on Monday, don’t leave studying till the last minute. Especially if one of said exams is cardiac.

So my year just hit an all time low. In addition to having lost my job, having trouble in school, being in a rocky relationship, and having an older car that seems to be a money pit…. My bike was stolen last week. This is the third time since I moved to ABQ that I’ve had a motorcycle stolen. I’m starting to lose faith in the human race as a whole… Actually, I don’t think I have any faith in them to begin with. That bike was a great way to blow off steam when everyting seemed to be getting bad. Now I guess I’ll have to stick with blowing things up and shooting things.

So… I guess I should get back to studying. I really need a break. Can’t wait for August to get here so I can finally take one. Although when August gets here I will hopefully be starting orientation as a brand new medic.

Internship should be a nice little escape though. Working with County Fire Dept full time for 3 weeks. Even if I’m not getting paid for the time, it will be nice to get back on a truck. It’s kinda where I feel like I belong. I feel at home on an ambulance, doesn’t matter what type it is, or who owns it, or what type of EMS I’m doing. I know it sounds corny, but there is a reason I picked EMS for my career.