I'm alive

I promise. Medic school is thoroughly kicking my ass from here to the next county and back. I’m sure I should be using my time more wisely right now, due to the fact I just got back from an NICU clinical and I have my PALS and PEPP certifying tests tomorrow along with a Peds/OB final and a Toxicology test. I’m so fucked tomorrow…
Well, the NICU rotation was actually kinda fun. I found another course I want to eventually take… It’s called S.T.A.B.L.E. Looks like it might be nice, especially since pre-hospital providers don’t take care of Neonates too often, so any additional information is always useful.
I’m starting a new job soon. Meet and greet is a week from tomorrow. I’ll be a tech at the local downtown hospital on the Oncology floor. Not my ideal job, but pay is higher than I was making at Superior. And I can move to the ED after a few months and work there. Plus the schedule is such that I can work there and get a job at the local ambulance company after I get my medic license. Double dipping working nights with both (which means differential pay) will be nice.
And I like me my guns. Added two new ones to my collection. A Daewoo DR-200 and a Mossberg 500 12g shotgun. And I got a new vehicle. A 1983 Jeep CJ7. So I think I might be turning into a typical redneck.
Now… it’s time to finish some studying and then figure out what pre reqs I need for nursing school