My first pedi code that I helped work happened today. I was doing a rotation at a local ER for behavioral assessments along with some IVs and med pushes (of which I blew my requirements away by over double). I was about to head home when a woman runs in with her 4 year old in her arms. The kid was limp as limp could be.

Get him into one of the procedure rooms (small hospital with no real trauma room) and we start our assessments on him. Victim of a moped crash. He was the passenger on the back, with no helmet of course. Vitals were shit. unobtainable BP, agonal respirations, barely felt carotid pulse at around 40. CPR was started, a nurse started bagging the pt. I worked on starting as big a line as I could in the arm. Drove a 20 into the A/C.

Pt was put on the monitor showing Sinus Brady with some PVCs occasionally. The doc managed to get an ET Tube in place. Physical assessment showed a depressed skull fx, angulated femur on the right, plenty of road rash, and the left pupil was blown.

I fired Epi into the kiddo, trying to get the heart rate up a little bit. Didn’t work so we tried to pace. Couldn’t get capture. HR kept falling. Tried pushing Atropine. Fluid bolus running.

Kid crashed on us and nothing we did seemed to matter. I ran Epi in 6 times. I shot off anothe 2 doses of Atropine. Nothing happened… I feel like we failed this kid. It was my first time a ped I’ve been working on has died… And I hate it.
I’m gonna go get a drink or twenty now.

  • oakey

    Losing a kid is a whole new world of suck. Just go back through what you did, see if anything could have been done better, and accept the things you cannot change.