So sick of this

I’m tired already of the fractured way EMS is performed here in the US. I’ve been talking to a lot of classmates and none of them seem to see anything wrong with the style of EMS here, but yet they complain that we don’t get paid on par with providers of other levels in other disciplines.

My personal opinion is that until EMS is taken out of the umbrella of Fire Depts and people that want EMS as a hobby, we will never go anywhere. There are some in FDs that want educational requirements kicked ever downward so they can get the numbers they need because they require at least EMT-B. And as long as people volunteer to do it for free, the pay will never catch up to what we actually do in the field.

Another thing that holds us ever farther back is education. I would really like to see an Associates degree as the absolute minimum to practice as a Pre-Hospital Medical Provider. That would take the place of the EMT-B, who is woefully inadequate to do anything except drive the bus. A bachelors degree would be the minimum to practice as a licensed paramedic, with hopefully a few months (6 would be good starting point) of internship before becoming fully licensed. Of course, this is not looked highly upon by the fire services right now because of their requirement that everyone be an EMT at a minimum.

Something else that would help would be to have a standardized set of provider levels nationwide. Right now it’s so confusing, with sometimes multiple different levels from county to county! Not to mention the differences from state to state. For example, what a medic here in NM can do would completely astound a medic in CA. The scopes are just that different. That doesn’t help our case to become a more unified branch of medicine.

All of this is one reason I’m glad that the college I’m going to for paramedic is offering an Associates Degree, and is really pushing the state DEMS to mandate the AAS as the minimum for practicing as a paramedic. I personally would be exstatic to see that happen. Maybe then they might pay medics a living wage here in this state.

Either way, there’s still nursing school too.