This is a good feeling

As of Wednesday I am now done with all classroom related coursework for my paramedic certification. I start my five weeks of internship tonight at 1945, working on a transport capable medic bus. I have 16 ALS calls completed as lead medic and I need a total of 50 by the end of five weeks. I’m really looking forward to this, I’m just hoping that I’m not the white cloud that I was when I was with fire for my first internship.
And I’m sending money and mags out today to trade for a Colt Delta Elite. I’m trading my G19, all accessories (6 15-rd mags, 1 33-rd mag), and about 400 rounds of 9mm. All of that for a near pristine Colt Delta Elite w/ 4 8-rd mags and about 300-350 rounds of 10mm ammo. Not too bad of a deal. Gotta get the G19 over to my FFL to ship to his FFL.

Now, I’m gonna sleep for a bit before I go to mail out the ammo and mags