Big decisions ahead

Well… As of early Monday morning I am no longer a paramedic student, nor will I be testing for my National Registry Paramedic anytime soon. My preceptor felt that my assessment was too rough and unorganized, and my ‘scene presence’ was not good enough, to be turned loose as a practicing paramedic. To say that I feel like my life has just been turned on it’s head is an understatement.
One thing I’ll say for my program’s faculty is that they have been the best since this happened. Another reason I am very glad I started with the program that I did. They have offered me the ability to test for my intermediate licensure at the national level (I85, which will turn into EMT-A) due to the fact that my medic program covers every facet (clinical, skills, and most certainly knowledge) needed for that licensure level. I’m making sure to test for Intermediate mainly so I can get a job for some 911 experience (which I’m thinking might help my deficieits during internship) and to be able to move down to the ED at my hospital job and get the pay raise for that. I think all in all I’ll be happier doing the above than I am right now… Not that it takes much to make me happier at this point.
The other thing I need to think about is that I just had my 90 day eval at the hospital. They are very impressed by my performance and have offered to pay 100% of all my nursing school expenses, along with helping me have the state pay for it so I can basically get a stipend to help cover whatever in addition to my salary. This all sounds like a good thing to me, and they would want my commitment to work in the ED as a nurse for 4 years after I graduate with my BSN, which is also the time the state would require me to work in-state to pay off the state for whatever they give me. Doesn’t sound like too bad of a deal, especially since I can get a contract stipulating 2 years ED then move up to ICU.
So now I need to decide if I want to redo the medic chohort to be able to redo my internship and then go for nursing after that, or if I want to get my BSN and then challenge the medic testing process. Right now I have no idea which one would be better. I’m kinda leaning towards nursing first, but I love working on an ambulance and don’t know how well it would go working as a nurse and going to medic school… I might at that point wind up working so much as a nurse that I wouldn’t have time for medic.
My eventual goal is still the same. To fly on either rotor or fixed-wing aircraft. Not picky if I do scene response or IFT. I just want to work in flight medicine, as that branch appeals to me most of all.
Well, that’s all I have for now. Time to get back to work I guess. It’s time for another round of vitals on my 10 patients.