I'm gonna get a lot colder

Sometime this next week I am testing for NREMT-I/85. This is to help with the move I’m doing in mid-March to the Denver area. Most likely near Lakewood or Littleton. I hate NM not having anythign to do with the NREMT before the medic level. I most likely will only get a CO EMT-B-IV license out of it, but it’s my ticket to trying to find a job and getting out of the dustbowl called NM.

I want a fresh start. A place where there’s not so many memories of personal problems. A place that I can get away from all the drama that somehow still finds me from all the people I went to high school with (granted, a lot of that is cause almost half of my HS moved here to ABQ for college, another third went to Las Cruces, and the rest are scattered either still in Socorro or out of state). I think in many ways it will be a good experience for me.
I’ll be moving the farthest away from my parents out of either me or my twin. That alone is a little concerning to them, but I need to finally do something just for me. And that is something I’m having to convince my new roommate of. Both of us have been in relationships of taking care of of family for so long that we have forgotten something very important. And that is how to do something that we know will be best for us and might now make other people very happy.
Right now I’m taking a semester off, and will pick up starting in the fall with A&P1/lab, followed by A&P2/lab. Then it’s going to be me submitting my transcript from CNM and finding out just what they’ll take from my medic school and what I’ll have to retake. I’m betting I’ll have to redo a good portion but it will be good practice if nothing else.
Looking for jobs up there I’ve noticed that if I’m a basic w/ IV skills I can find a job at an urgent care, ER, or on a bus, even if it is doing IFT. But I have no problems working on an IFT truck, since that’s what I did in my first EMS job.
All in all I just want to see what happens. I don’t want too many things planned out because I don’t want my plans to get broken to pieces.
So wish me luck on the written. Thank god I got them to allow me to use my medic practicals in place of the I/85 ones.
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    I want to do the very same thing, I am a basic here in ABQ, retire at the beginning of next year from the city, (non medical) and am going to take my intermediate at cnm in the fall semester. Then I also want to move, any tips? CO and NM don't recognize each others licenses?I was not aware of any of this. What are you having to do to be able to work there? Email if you like, donnathedead@yahoo.com. Thanks for your help! ?And congrats on the nationals!

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    Thanks 😀 And NM doesn't use NREMT for anythign except Paramedic. CO uses NREMT for everything. You should be able to take NREMT-I/85 once you complete the Intermediate course at CNM (try to get into Cy Stockhoff's class, he is one of the best instructors I had there!).All I'm having to do is apply for CO licensure with the NREMT license I just recieved.