Just got back from a few days in Colorado. Signed a lease on a place with my new roommate in Lakewood, just outside of Denver proper. It’ll do :) Lease is up at the end of July (we’re taking over the lease from soemone who’s moving to NY) so it’ll give us time to get setup and on our feet and if we decide to move we can after that or if we like it we can stay.

Still waiting on CO EMS to issue a license, but I know that can take a little while. I’m still wanting to know what license I’ll be getting. I’m applying for just random part time jobs right now until I get that. I’ve got enough saved up that if I can just cover part of my monthly expenses with a PT job, it’ll help until I can get on with one of the many ambulance companies up there. Seriously, there’s like 6 in the greater Denver Metro area.

Now it’s time to get boxes, pack, clean, and organize. All the things I hate about moving.