Moving update…

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this, but I hate moving. With a passion.
But anyways… My roommate is now moved up to Lakewood in our place. We took my truck fully loaded and a rental trailer up there on Wednesday right after I got off of work. Long long trip. About 8 hours worth. But she now has all of her stuff up there and is starting working I think today…
Meanwhile I came back on Thursday just in time to go to a staff meeting at the hospital (great waste of 20 minutes BTW) and then head home. Now it’s time for me to pack. I have three more weeks working as a Tech at my hospital. It can’t end soon enough 😛
I wound up talking to an area firefighter while I was up there though and got pointed in the direction of a service that just lost several EMTs and Medics. So I think I’ll email their recruiter and see what they say. The only problem is that I’m still waiting for CO state to send me my license. Seems like it’s taking forever.

After I get up there I’ll look around at schools, although the same area that this service covers and that firefighter works in apparently has one of the better AAS programs for Paramedicine, so I’m hoping that all of it works out.

Now, time to go pack some more, then onto #CoEMS