I’m now in Colorado. Even with an annoyed fuzzball the trip wasn’t too bad… At least until I got just outside of Denver. My alternator decided to go tits up. Had the truck towed to a mechanic, and $400 later after all the towing bills and mechanics labor rates and parts, I have it back. Tomorrow morning I’ll be finishing moving all my crap into the apartment.

Now also comes looking for a job. Applications are out at a dialysis clinic, 4 hospitals, for both ER EMT and Tele tech, and 4 ambulance services. Lets hope I hear back from one soon.

I’ll put more up tomorrow after I get some sleep.


“Good judgment comes from experience. Experience comes from making bad decisions.”

Anyone in medicine has heard the phrase, or a version thereof, at least once in their career.

And as I get ready to move (boxes and junk literally everywhere as I type this), I’ve been thinking about it. A few days back I went down south about 70 miles to where my parents live to help my brother out and put some of mine and his things in storage down there. While I was there I decided to drive around a little and look at the places where I spent so much of my time from 6-12 grade plus a year at the college there. So many memories came around and by the end of it, I was just driving and wound up somewhere I hadn’t been in a long time.

This somewhere just happens to be where my ex lives down there. She was my second serious relationship in high school, and one who we had seriously talked about marriage after we were out of school, she was going for a BS in Bio and I was going for at least a BS in Explosives Engineering. We got along well, had our fights, made up, and then fought some more.

Looking back at it, I can see reasons why we split up. A major thing was I wasn’t happy there (more on this later) in that town. Another is just that I thought she was too demanding of my time while I was in my first year of college and she was a HS senior. I thought that I could just keep putting her off and finding excuses not to meet up with her cause I was busy, and that she’d wait around forever for me to pull my head out of my ass.

Since I said she was my ex, you can imagine this didn’t work out too well. My second semester at college we wound up in an argument that culminated in her throwing a ring back in my face and storming off. We didn’t talk to each other civilly for months after that happened.

Then I decided I needed a break from that town and that school and came up here to the city to take a semester off, work, and become an EMT. Wow. It was like night and day with classes. I actually enjoyed going to class, I enjoyed learning, and I enjoyed life more than I ever did down there. EMS is something that I had thought was cool, and since I was taking a semester off from ‘real college’ I figured ‘why the hell not?’

Looking back I wonder what would have happened if I had decided to become an EMT first. What would have happened? I know things would have been at least a little different. But I wouldn’t have met the woman who I became engaged to.

Becoming engaged to my most recent ex was something that filled me with so much happiness. We were both young, in love, and completely full of energy. Great combination, right? Yea, not really when both of us were trying for our medic.

As I noticed what AD wrote about his ExWife and him getting married, he commented that she had much more expensive tastes than an EMT could afford. Yep, I ran into that too. Even that though wasn’t a big issue, we talked through it and both tried to save every dime we were making while working as EMT-Bs for an IFT company here in ABQ.

The not seeing each other for days at a time while one of us was in class and the other was out doing clinicals, or both of us doing clinicals, or working, or anything else that was not school, work, or sleep…. That was one of the hard parts. A relationship doesn’t do too well when you only see someone a few nights a week, and those nights being caught up in studying and then trying to grab a few extra winks of sleep so you didn’t fall asleep sticking some poor SOB in the ED while trying to get all your IV attempts in.

No, what really sealed the deal about us breaking up was a miscarriage. We were not actively trying but both of us were ecstatic when we found out we were going to be parents. Sure both of us being in school, planning for our wedding, and trying to sort things out was not the best enviroment, but we were going to make it work.

I still remember that call I got while on internship from her, in tears. She told me that she started cramping and heavy bleeding. Both of us being medic students knew what that meant. With a quick word to my preceptor (who actually drove me home in the rescue) I left that day and didn’t come back for a week. And when I did come back my heart didn’t seem to be in it anymore.

I passed that cycle, but just barely. The next semester I did ok in class but it seemed sluggish and didn’t go to well for hands on. Me and her fought almost constantly after that. We fought until neither one of us could take it anymore. We split up and tried to be civil to each other. Surprisingly that worked pretty well.

Now both of these ex’s are engaged to be married in the next year or less. It kind of makes me think of all the stupid things I’ve done and what might be if I’d been a little less of an immature ass. But I’m only 22 so I guess I’m still a little bit of an immature ass.

I do like being able to think back to things and realize where exactly I screwed up so I can try to not do it again. After all, this good judgment comes at a price.


Closer and closer

I start my last week of work tomorrow night. And I should be finishing packing up the trailer and truck next a week from Monday to head up to Lakewood.

But.. Someone tell me if this makes sense. CO doesn’t recognize NREMT-I/85, just I/99. Ok I’m fine with that, I’ll be getting a CO EMT-B license. But apparently their IV cert isn’t state-wide. So to present each service with something so I can be considered IV certified, I need an actual certificate of training. And they won’t take my NREMT-I/85 license. How does that work? I mean as an Intermediate one of the main reasons they exist is to provide IV therapy without needing a medic on scene. Yet my intermediate license doesn’t show that I possess the knowledge and proficiency in IV therapy to do it in the field… Oh well. My hospital that I work for now said they can print me out a certificate stating that I’m certified to do IVs and that should work… I hope. If not, I’ll have to do a class at Aurora Community College… Although that will get my EKG as well… which should be a breeze.

Well, I’m headed home now. Just got done with REI and their scratch and dent sale. Was looking for a warm jacket that isn’t work related for CO, and I found one :)