Closer and closer

I start my last week of work tomorrow night. And I should be finishing packing up the trailer and truck next a week from Monday to head up to Lakewood.

But.. Someone tell me if this makes sense. CO doesn’t recognize NREMT-I/85, just I/99. Ok I’m fine with that, I’ll be getting a CO EMT-B license. But apparently their IV cert isn’t state-wide. So to present each service with something so I can be considered IV certified, I need an actual certificate of training. And they won’t take my NREMT-I/85 license. How does that work? I mean as an Intermediate one of the main reasons they exist is to provide IV therapy without needing a medic on scene. Yet my intermediate license doesn’t show that I possess the knowledge and proficiency in IV therapy to do it in the field… Oh well. My hospital that I work for now said they can print me out a certificate stating that I’m certified to do IVs and that should work… I hope. If not, I’ll have to do a class at Aurora Community College… Although that will get my EKG as well… which should be a breeze.

Well, I’m headed home now. Just got done with REI and their scratch and dent sale. Was looking for a warm jacket that isn’t work related for CO, and I found one :)