Getting tired

I didn’t wind up going on shift on Friday. I wound up heading to base instead of station 6. I had gotten a page on Thursday night to report to base at 0830. That was it. So I was actually pretty nervous.

Got to base and I ran into who my partner was down as. She hadn’t been told what happened and was pretty shocked to hear about it. She wished me luck and I got called back into the admin office.

They told me that they have had 4 accidents in the last week and a half, and they were not going to be putting up with it any longer. Since I was the newest employee who had been involved in one, I was essentially getting fired to be made an example of.

So now I’m out of work again, and feeling very frustrated. It seems like I’ve been frustrated since I moved to Colorado altogether. My roommate suggested that since the lease we took over ends on July 31st, I might wanna consider moving elsewhere or think about if I still want to live here.

I do have one option. The other ambulance company I was supposed to have an interview with has it scheduled for the 4th. I forgot to call them to cancel it when I got hired on at the other company. I also put apps out for ED Tech, ICU Tech, Urgent Care Tech. We’ll see what happened.

And of course the idea to move came to mind. I don’t have any idea what to do. Lets hope the interview on the 4th goes well.