Ok, my notoriously bad luck with women has creeped up again. I have this friend, one I have known on and off for years (about 9 of them to be exact). We lost contact for about 2 years and then found each other again and since have gone to visit each other and see each other as much as possible.

I met her on a long trip that we took with a student organization, while I was actually dating my first gf. We hit it off then and I felt something, something that I tried to not feel since I had a girlfriend back home at the time. I realized when I saw her again for the first time in a while about a year ago that I still felt the same way. I would look forward to every time I’d talk to her or make plans to see her (which was difficult since she was living in a town about 2 hours away from me and I was working full time and going to school full time).

I flirted with her every chance I got when we were together and she seemed to return the favor and we both enjoyed when we got to hang out. Since I moved to CO I’ve been able to see her a few times and I really want to tell her that I want to be more than friends. But I found out recently something that might make her not want to :( It’s something pretty major and something that she thinks will put everyone off. Can’t go into too much detail since everything I was told was in confidence.

Now I gotta figure out what to do now.

  • Linuss

    Does it involve her? If it's something that she doesn't know and it involves her, would be a good thing to tell.I say talk to her about whatever it is… you never know.Then again, I shouldn't be one to give relationship advice, especially since I don't take my own.

  • Transport Jockey

    She's the one who told me what's going on and that she's not sure anyone would want to be with her during it. I'm debating on just coming out and telling her, and I've decided if I get the job in the middle east that I want I will just tell her. And ya, I can give good advice but never seem to follow my own 😛 So I know the feeling.