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Here’s an update finally. And unless I can find a way to pull images off the hard drive that just fried itself, I’m not going to have any between the last one and this one. :(

Project 365 Day 4

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Work tools

Project 365 Day 2

Followed US6 west of Lakewood and wound up in a canyon. Have no idea what it's called but I loved it

Project 365 day one


I know I’m starting in the middle of the year, but it seems like a good idea to me

Another shot from yesterday

I love taking photos :)

The hills near Boulder, CO

Yum tasty fledglings

I recently have gotten called out over on an EMS forum that I frequent about being a little too critical about our fledgling EMTs and medics on the site. I started to think about that and try to figure out why. This is pretty much what I’ve come up with.

1) A lot of them are coming into it for (in my opinion) are the wrong reasons. A lot of them have no desire to do emergency medical care. Some want to do fire, some just want something to do while they ‘find themselves’ (I can’t complain about that too much since it’s almost how I got here), some just want to play with the ‘blinkies and woo-hoos’.

2) There are people who get into this field without a lick of research. They get certified and then complain that they can’t find work where they’re at, or because of how young they are. Or they complain that the only job they [i]can[/i] find is working an IFT ambulance, and they don’t want to do it because it’s not the glamours of 911.

3) People want to embrace the low standards that it takes to get into this field, or drop them even more. I’ve seen some people say that they don’t want to go back and get more education, but want more toys to play with in their toolbox. EMT-Bs complaining that they can’t do any invasive skills, but with their impressive 120 hour course they want to be trusted with needles and tubes and things that could actually end a life if used improperly.

Those are my top three, and combine one or more of them with my cynicism it’s not a good thing when I get going. It also doesn’t help that EMS as a whole in the US is having a major identity crisis. We are the red-headed, soulless, bastard step-child of both the public safety and healthcare worlds. So it’s no wonder that a lot of new people don’t know what the hell we are.

My firm belief is that we are not public safety and should stop acting like it. For those of us who want to improve the profession and make it more than a vocation we need to start acting more like a healthcare entity with all the headaches that might make for those of us who will be in the thick of it for the transition. Yes, this means divorcing ourselves from the FD as the UK, NZ, and Aus (among others) have done. But then again you already knew my feelings about that.

So, until we ourselves get our heads on straight we probably will be a field that eats our young at a freakishly high rate.

Hey there!

News flash! Prairie Dogs chirp. I did not know this until I damn near stepped on this little guy… I thought it was an angry bird until I looked down.