Long long week

What I saw on my GPS when I got back to my apartment

The above is slightly scary. I just got back from a week long trip, and unfortunately it just made me more frustrated than I was when I left.

I left early on Monday morning to start the 7-8 hour drive to a small town in NM, a little south of the big city. That drive was horrendously boring, as all drives through NM north of Las Vegas are. I actually had a radio so it wasn’t too bad, would have been better if my A/C had been working though. Made it to my parents place and then went to see how my grandmother was doing…

That’s where it started to get bad. Like I’ve said in a previous post, it’s a horrible feeling when your grandmother doesn’t know who you are, even worse when she recognizes your twin brother, your identical twin brother!, but not you. My grandmother that I knew and loved doesn’t really exist anymore. The MDs are saying she had two CVAs (one of which led to the earlier fall in which she broke her hip and wrist), and are predicting a third that they’re not sure she’ll recover from. Right now she’s doing better than they ever thought, since she’s feeding herself and talking and being semi coherent… I feel bad for saying this, but it still feels like she’s already gone even when she was sitting right in front of me.

I spent Tuesday trying to go to the DMV and get my truck registered (just in case I luck out and go out of the country for a year on a job, I wanted it registered in the town my parents live in with one of them on the title). First their system was down, then I found out that recently NM instituted a statute saying that if ‘gift’ is written on the title you need a signed and notarized paper from the person you got it from. I couldn’t get that so the truck stayed unregistered.

Wednesday I spent the morning hanging around town waiting for my brother to come down from the city so we could load up a couch, bed, and entertainment center in the back of my truck and get it to his place. That wasn’t too bad actually. And when I got to the city I got to see one of my old partners and we hung out for a while watching movies.

Thursday was kinda the same, saw people I hadn’t seen in a while. I had crashed at my brothers so I was in the city already. I decided to pay my old hospital’s HR dept a visit since I applied as a unit clerk and as an ER tech. Was told that since I left on very good terms with them, getting back on should be easy compared to someone they didn’t know. So here’s hoping for the tech job, even if it does mean moving back to Big City NM.

Friday was the most annoying day I’ve had in a while. I took my brothers Mustang and headed down to El Paso TX… Now I know why Texans disown that damned city. Was supposed to go down there to do ETI and IV practical tests since the state of TX won’t take my NR practical results (more in a sec on that). I was also supposed to get my fingerprints done. Well, fingerprints got done but nothing else did. The tester I was supposed to meet with called in sick at the last minute, and no one else in the entire city that could test ALS skills was available. So that was a wash.

We did however figure out that while TX won’t accept NREMT-I/85 practicals for TX EMT-I cert, there’s no reason they shouldn’t accept NREMT-P practicals, since it covers everything and then some. I happen to still have my medic practical results and I’m going to be calling TX on Tuesday to try and sort this out. I assume they tuned out the word ‘medic’ when I told them I had a set of NREMT practicals that should meet their requirements… since it is odd that an EMT-I/85 would have done the medic practicals, I can’t really blame them.

Oh, and Friday before I left for EP, I sent her the letter I’d been working on. Now she hasn’t mentioned it at all and I haven’t been able to get a hold of her by calling, we’ve just been texting as usual… so I’m not sure what’s going on now. And the situation is too complicated for my liking :(

So now I’m back at my apt (not really home, but my cat and my bed are here) and about to crash. Night all.

Oh, here’s a picture I took on the way home… Yep, rain almost the entire way.

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I wrote out an email, since I’m not going to see her for at least another month and I want her to know how I feel… I pasted it into a facebook message, then tried to sleep. This morning I got a failed send notification (didn’t know facebook had those). Now I’m waffling whether or not I want to resend it. I wish life was easy sometimes.