Wow, it's alive!

Yea, I haven’t updated in a while. It’s been a hell of a few months. But this is just a post about today.

I had an interview with a rural 911 service 50 miles north of my parents house today. It’s a small service, and one that when I worked in ABQ I had heard some not so good things about. But they’ve recently had some changes, so I decided to put my app in with them once I got my temp NM EMT-I cert.

When I went for my interview it went very well it seemed. Only a few question about my qualifications and time working 911 EMS services. Then the super I was talking to started telling me about the agency. All seemed good during the interview, and he said that tehy want to schedule me for orientation as soon as they can.

Only one problem. They usually don’t hire people with temporary state certs. I can see their reasoning though. If for some reason you fail your state test, your temp cert automatically become invalid. So they don’t want to risk that. But I was told that when my application and resume goes up for review by all 5 supervisors, one of them might decide to bring me on anyways, since I already hold my NR EMT-I and TX EMT-I (they figure there’s not much chance of me failing the test).

So I guess I’m in a hurry up and wait situation again. I will be calling the EMS Academy again tomorrow to try to get them to hurry up and let me finish my transition course. Then take the state test. I can’t wait to start working, especially in a rural service.

Average transport time of 30 minutes to the nearest hospital, lots of traumas, and they run some trucks as ILS :) I really want this job.

So I’ll try to write a little more soon about the last few months, but wanted to get this out for now.

  • jp

    despite what everyone says, they arent that bad.
    i’ve worked with a few of their crews (mostly accidentally) and i’ve never thought bad of ’em.

    Oh, and i’ve always liked mary, she was at DACC as an instructor back when i was learnin’