I'm frustrated and have a decision to make… I need help making it!

I’m frustrated right now. I’ve had two phone interviews in as many days. They’ve gone great! But at the end of the interview they have told me that they don’t have any FT positions and that they can’t pay me enough for PT positions to warrant me moving out there. And I’ve gotten four more rejections in the last week, plus well over a dozen services that I haven’t heard from except for them asking for a copy of this or that. Frustrating, yep it’s a good word for it.

I’ve been debating finding any job (probably a job waiting tables again) and staying in Albuquerque. If I do that, I can hopefully start UNM’s BS-EMS/EMT-P degree program in August, and I’d be getting my full NM EMT-I cert in December, so I could start working on a bus for LCAS after that. I know the school, it’s got a good reputation, and would set me up by being a great educational background for moving on later.

I’m just getting frustrated and am wondering if moving states really is such a good idea. On one hand I paid the money to TX DSHS EMS for my EMT-I cert, but so far it doesn’t seem to be paying off. I’m sick of living with my parents and just want to get back out on my own, get my life back on track. I want to go back to school and get my medic cert ASAP. I just can’t figure out what the best thing to do would be.

  • Shell

    Ok just my 2 cents worth here but I’d take advantage of livin with your parents and continue your education. I know it’s frustratin but in the end I think u will find it’s worth it *hugs*

    • http://transportjockey.wordpress.com transportjockey

      Part of the problem with living with my parents is that they’re 75 miles from UNM up in Albuquerque. I’d lvoe to stay living with them, but the gas prices will kill me :p

      • Shell

        OUCH, yea that’s problem I understand for sure. I still believe continuing your education for your EMT-P would be so worth it in the end but I understand life and bills don’t wait for you to do that. Been there and never did get the degree I wanted because of it, just don’t want u to wake up and regret it one day like I did. However with the expense of movin some where even if you find a job will you make enough for it to be worth it ? God knows EMT wages suck at all levels.

    • http://transportjockey.wordpress.com transportjockey

      That’s the problems I’m running into. If I get a job in NV, or TX, or UT, or wherever… I honestly can’t decide if it will be worth it to move there and start from scratch. In ABQ I can always crash on my brother couch for a few weeks or a month till I get the money to get a place of my own, and since I’ve got a NM alcohol servers license, I know I can wait tables for money (and I actually enjoyed doing it my first year of college).

      I’m leaning more and more towards staying in NM, but I just can’t make up my mind. If I was doing my NM EMT test tomorrow like I wanted to then I would be even more inclined to stay…

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