Another chapter begins

Over 10,000 miles, travel through ten states, and three long months. All of it to get to this point.

Tomorrow I start my new job :) First day is of course paperwork and going over the handbook. I also have a meeting with my new medical director. I start ride-outs on Tuesday :)

It’s been a long, disheartening process to get here, but I keep getting told that everything happens for a reason. Let’s hope that’s right.

Now it’s time to sleep. I hate long drives lately, and although my drive today wasn’t too bad, it still tired me out. Tomorrow will be a busy day, especially since I still have to find a place to rent in this small town.

Tomorrow is the start of a new chapter for both work and school. Let’s make the best of it.

  • Dennis

    Good luck with the new job….here’s to your future (raising my water bottle)