They should know better

“But if I come in by ambulance, I’ll get seen faster!”

I’ve heard that phrase by many a patient, both here and working other areas… but last night I heard this from a place I figured was a little smarter than that.

I heard it from a bloody hospital! Rural County Hospital told us that when we were transferring a patient to Big City Medical Center. It was for a patient that would have gone to the waiting room under most circumstances, and they though that us taking him by ambulance would mean he’d get straight to the back… Guess where he went? The waiting room.

I told my chief that I’d be willing to give them an education on what exactly it means to transfer someone by ambulance, and it looks like I’ll be giving a presentation to their ED director. Should be an interesting time.

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  • Jim Hoffman

    Good idea. I just did a audio podcast similiar to this and it is exactly the type of thing we need to be doing to educate people as to when an ambulance is needed and when it isn’t. Good luck on your presentation. I hope you don’t get too many blank stares.

  • fakingpatience

    I had a call where I was taking a pt from a doctors office to a hospital, and the doctor told the patient “Don’t worry, when you go by ambulance, you will get seen faster.” I couldn’t bite my tongue, and turned and told him that people get seen based on the severity of their injury/ illness, not how they arrived, and if we had a BS patient, then they could end up in the waiting room just like people who arrived by car.

    You should tell/ show us a draft of your presentation to the medical director! Good on ya, trying to change opinions rather then just grip about other people.

  • Jeramedic

    It’s unfortunate that a lecture is even necessary. But on the other hand, what a great opportunity for you speak on such an important issue. Good luck, Sir. And fight the good fight.