Ten Songs

Well… I want to write stuff, but nothing is coming easily right now, so I’m gonna play a blog game. Shamelessly almost stolen, but really borrowed, from Cicatrix. She did 10 country songs, but I’m going to branch out to just 10 songs from my Zune playlist that have the most hits. Each of them means something to me. And by the way, this list will bring home that, while I’m very much straight, I tend to have a sappy streak in me. I could care less if you judge me for it, because the people who’s opinion I care about don’t judge me for anything.

10) Jason Aldean – Keep the Girl – Jason Aldean is one of my favorite country artists, and this song hits me especially after my relationship with my ex-fiance. One of the reasons we split up was because I was chasing my dreams of being a medic, and wanting to get out of ABQ. It really is, as the song says, is a double edged sword. I picked the road, let’s hope I made the right choice.

9) Jason Michael Carroll – Let Me Go – Another one of my favorite country artists who doesn’t ever seem to get enough play on the major radio stations. This one is another relationship song for me. Right after I failed out of school on my explosives engineering degree, I felt like I wasn’t going anywhere, and that the girl I’d been dating since I was a senior and she was a junior should basically forget about me when she went off to college. This is a newer song, but it was an odd experience to hear it for the first time, since it was pretty much how I felt several years ago when all this was happening.

8) Darius Rucker – I hope They Get to Me in Time – For any EMS providers, please listen to the song, and watch the fan video I linked to. It hits me hard as a first responder, and I’ll really just let the song speak for itself. Although I will add, I’ve loved Darius Rucker since he was performing with Hootie and the Blowfish.

7) Jason Aldean – I Use What I Got – This past year I’ve had things go wrong left and right, and been told no at every turn. This song helped keep me going, as corny as that sounds, because it’s about the way I was feeling. I did everything I could, used every bit of experience, education, and skills to find myself a job, to find myself a niche. It looks like, for the moment, I’ve found it.

6) The Fray – How to Save a Life – This one is an obvious one for my EMS friends, as well as the first non-country song on the list so far. It also has a deeper meaning for me. Back when I was in high school, I suffered with depression for a couple of years, and so did several of my friends. In fact one of my best friends in HS tried to kill herself, and I took it upon myself to try and help her through everything after that, even to the detriment of my own mental wellbeing. I still say it was worth it, but it was a rough time for me.

And this picture kinda is what I realized afterwards (From my favorite all-time webcomic XKCD)

5) Carrie Underwood – What Can I Say – This song applies to the two serious relationships I’ve had. My ex-fiance and my HS senior girlfriend. I really wish everything hadn’t gone the way it had, as I am just now starting to renew friendships with both of them and finding out how special they are, which is what led me to dating them, as just a friend.

4) Lady Antebellum – Hello World – I was flip flopping back and forth about which of 4 Lady A songs to put since they were all tied with the same # of plays for this one. I picked Hello World. It’s their newest single, and an incredible piece. The video hits home for me, but I love this group in general, so if you haven’t listened to them and you like country, you should.

3) Skillet – Those Nights – Another non-country song on the list. This song brings back memories similar to How to Save a Life. Plus I love Skillet :)

2) Thrice – The Artist in the Ambulance – What EMS provider hasn’t heard this song? I love it, for more reasons than it involves us. The beat is infectious, lyrics are good, and overall it’s a fun song :)

1) Carolina Rain – The Man I’ve Been Looking For – This song is rare enough I can’t find a video of it anywhere. I like this group, and they had two decent singles out there before they¬†disappeared. This song is one that I’ve listened to at every hard point in my life since I was a freshman in college. It’s my essential get back on your feet song for reasons I can’t really describe. I know it’s out there for download as an MP3 though, so you should listen to it.

Well, that’s it. Not the best post, but I had fun with it :)

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  • http://portraitofamedic.com Lizzie

    Love that Darius Rucker song…definitely added to my favourites. Did you watch the fan vid made by him for “Hello World”? It’s pretty good too.

    • transportjockey

      I love that video maker’s stuff. Hello World and the other Lady A song that he has videos for are awesome.