Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to everyone! I’m hoping those of you who are able to spend time with family are enjoying yourselves and staying safe.

As for me, I’m 400 miles from home and going to be on duty this holiday season. But I’m spending time wiht members of my extended family at the station, and we’re trying to make it the best holiday we can have while still being able to get out the door and ride the trucks when we’re needed.

I wrote this a few years back for a friend. I usually don’t like this kind of thing, but it fits.


Tonight, when you’re putting the kids to bed and waiting for Santa to come, police officers somewhere are responding to a call for a lost child.

In the morning, when you’re being woken up by excited children, wanting to open presents, a fire station is being woken up by pager tones for a house on fire.

This evening, when you and your family are sitting down to a wonderful Christmas dinner, an ambulance crew is sitting out on a street corner treating a patient having a heart attack.

Tonight when you lay down to bed, thinking of what a wonderful day you have had with your family, an Emergency Department at the hospital is waist deep in patients waiting to be seen.

Enjoy your time with your family, but while you are sitting down to say a prayer, remember the Public Safety and Emergency Services workers out there and say a prayer to keep them safe, and that they get to go home at the end of their shifts. We work all hours, and give up precious moments with our own families, so if something bad happens to you and yours we can be there to respond and help.

When you’re driving down the road to a relatives, and see an emergency vehicle behind you with lights flashing and sirens blaring, pull over to the right and give them room to move. The life they are rushing to help could be one of your family members in need.


To my Emergency Services and Public Safety family, thank you for taking the time away from your family, and staying on duty to help with whatever you are asked. Stay safe and make it home to your family this holiday season. It’s been a bad couple weeks for our brothers and sisters, let’s not let the roll of honor get any longer.