It’s the Handover!

Happy new years everyone! It’s time for the first edition of The Handover Blog Carnival for 2011. Thanks to Rescue Monkey for letting my little niche of the interwebs host this edition.

Following in the same type of pattern of Just My Blog, for this edition I have chosen a seasonal topic. It’s the new year now, so I’m curious. What are your plans for this new year? What do you hope to accomplish? Plan on not doing anything this year you’ve done in the past? Share it with us.

Last month we got 22 entries, which is good, but let’s see if we can beat it! Email me your entries transportjockey (at) gmail (dot) com . I can’t wait to start seeing what ya’ll send me! Try to have all entries to me by the 29th so I can post the January edition on the 31st!