Another week done.

Ah yes, the second week of classes is out of the way. It’s been an interesting week, both at school and work. I’ve forgotten how much I love being in class, but I’ve always been weird like that.

Class Monday we started in the first volume of the 5 book Brady/Bledsoe set. A lot of it was review, but hearing it put a new way is always good. We also started going over IV therapy. As the only EMT-I in the class, I was asked to help show a couple of the students the basics and setup of the equipment used for cannulating a vein. Surprisingly I actually enjoyed the little bit of teaching I did.

Downside was apparently my fear and hatred of needles (I know, weird thing to be afraid of being that I have 4 tattoos) is at an all time high. I let a student stick me to get a feel for it. I pretty much pointed to him exactly where and how to stick, and from what I’m told he would have gotten the line successfully too… Except I managed to pass out when I was watching him stick me. Let me tell ya, it’s not a good thing to wake up to a circle of faces that look concerned. Although considering where I passed out at, I’m lucky I didn’t wind up with 2 lines in my and on my way to the ED. Not fun. But hey, I asked for it.

Tuesday was another day at work for me. I have to say I’m getting pretty damned tired of bad calls. With my service only having one truck on duty and 1 on-call, if anything bad goes down then you’re pretty much guaranteed to be running on it. And if you’re the on-call crew you usually head out to the bad call as soon as both crew members are at the station.

I got so frustrated with a bad call involving a child that I posted a status on my facebook that was a combination PSA and venting. Well, someone decided to let my boss know about the post and I was written up for it. Since I’m already the FNG, finding myself on the boss’ shit list didn’t help my mood either. With the trouble I’m already having fitting in at this service once about half the other EMTs and Medics found out I wanted at least my AAS and to get my LP… Well, suffice to say I’m looking at maybe talking to a contact of mine from Williamson County EMS. I also will be very careful, even more so since I got written up and there was no violation of anything as the reason, not protocols, SOPs, or HIPAA, of what I put up on Twitter or facebook (for those of you on my friends list there).

My original plan was to stay here for up to 3 years to get my EMT-P, then my AAS and LP, then move to a larger service somewhere. Well, ATcEMS and Williamson County EMS are both on my short list of places I’d consider moving to as a medic. WCEMS is an all medic service that I’ve heard nothing but good things about. And the Austin area has several places I can finish an AAS and go for a higher level degree as well. Or ENMU-R has an online EMT-P to AAS program which I am also considering. I don’t know what to do now, I just know though that this service and myself are not getting along as well as I was assuming that we would.

So anyways, after a long shift on Tuesday, I had class again on Wednesday. Again I helped the students practice sticking, although we had a new proctor that showed up that made me test out. Since I didn’t come to class in uniform this time he had no idea I was an EMT-I. It was funny to see the look on his face as I finished in less than half the time of anyone else. He asked me if I’d ever done that before, and when was the last time I started a line on someone. I just smiled and told him that I started 2 less than twelve hours ago at work. After I told him I worked on a box as an EMT-I he kinda realized that was why I managed to get it done fast. Besides, it was the mannequin arm, so it’s not like it was hard to stick. Just aim for the collection of the little holes.

After I got back from class, I was tempted to go to NM for a day to visit a friend who was with her little family in the hospital. I have been wanting to see her and the new addition for months but they wound up going home while I was in the City, so I just came back to BFE. Good thing I did too, sicne I am now sitting at work. I’ve been on since 1800 on Wednesday and I get off tomorrow at 1800. It’s been a long shift. And I’m sick to death of pedi calls. We worked yet another pedi code due to MVC along with another adult code earlier in the shift. I’m getting experience, but I know I’m getting burnt too. I am lucky I have Sunday off this week, so I can do homework that I haven’t finished yet and take a break before Monday’s class. After all, I think I’m running out of clean uniforms.

Well, all ya’ll stay safe out there, and for those of you who are also on the #questforthediscopatch study hard and good luck on exams and testing you have coming up.