I swore I’d get that disco patch this time around, I swore I’d stick it out here long enough to do that… But now I’m not so sure. I’m fed up and sick to death of hte attitudes of the people here. Not to mention being so far from home and my safety net of people I can talk to. I’ve got friends that are trying to get me to go back to NM, and I’ve got another friend who gave me the name of an online program that I can finish my medic with (I don’t mind online since I”ve already completed one didactic program already).

If I move back to NM, medic will only be a way to make more money while I go to school for my ADN/BSN/NP. I still am thinking of winding up as an ED NP… But I don’t know. I really thought I could do this, but right now it feel like I can’t. THe only thing I don’t like is the fact that it feels like I’d be running home with my tail between my legs. But then again, hurt pride is better than a hurt body.

I’ll post a longer entry tomorrow when I’m not at the station and after I can hopefully rest.

Lets try something newish

Please bear with me. This is my first attempt at a video blog entry… I needed to talk and get some stuff off my chest… I couldn’t get it typed out so I figured I could yap about it. This is the first part. I’ll finish the second part tonight…. if I don’t have any callouts.

Getting to know me?

Well, I’ve had a long few weeks… I can’t seem to think of much to write other than rants, which will be coming in time. So I decided to snag an idea from a fellow P-school student, Future Ditch Doctor. It basically is to tell people 7 random facts about myself. I did something similar when I posted an entry about who I am, but I’m bored and at work, and putting off reading any more A&P for hte moment. I’m supposed to send it on to 15 others, but like FDD did, maybe those of you who read this here, will post it on your blog with a link back? Please? With a cherry on top?

1) I’m a hopeless romantic. Always have been, and always will be let down.

2) I’m a big fan of gadgets and toys and electronics. I’m never far from at least my phone (brand new HTC Evo4G!) and either my laptop or a rooted NookColor.

3) Music is a big part of my life. I can’t play or sing anymore (used to be in┬áchoir), but I wish my life had a soundtrack. There’s nothing like going for a long drive with nothing but music around me.

4) I’m a nerd. Yep. An EMS nerd, a computer nerd, and just your general everyday nerd. I love to sit at a computer and look up useless information. Stumble is my friend.

5) For all I might bitch about my job, I love it. I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. If I actually get to help one person, and they are touched by it, that makes me entire career worth it.

6) I’m not too religious. I’ve seen to much at this job to think that a higher being is anything more than a complete jackass at times. Granted, helping bring a new life into this world has almost changed that, but we’ll see how that goes.

7) Finally… I’m madly in love with a girl. Have been for years. The Girl is one of the reasons I want to become the best I can be and drive myself to do better for myself every day. And all I am to her at the moment is a friend, and most likely will stay that way. It’s scary how much I better myself just for her even after everything.

So there’s my list. Expect a rant from me in the next couple days (especially since the most unholy of days is coming up on Monday), as well as an update on 1 month into #TheQuestForTheDiscoPatch.

Ya’ll stay safe and study hard.