Long day lately!

So… that patch up there looks rather odd right? Well, that’s cause as of yesterday I’m 0.75 % of a paramedic :) We had our practical testing yesterday… and with one retest I passed everything! I had to retest Trauma assessment, since I got a bit flustered and went all over the map during my first try. But now I’m just waiting for them to process my clinical paperwork and make sure my file is up to date… Then I can sign up for my NREMT written test at the Paramedic level!
I’m so freaking stoked and I’m almost there :) I can’t wait to finish testing and become a medic!

About transportjockey

26 year old ER Paramedic and aspiring photographer (Stretcher Monkey Photography). Brand new FP-C looking for a flight gig. Also still working on the bus occasionally. Looking into higher education and trying to drag EMS kicking and screaming into a better place.
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  • Probie To Practitioner

    Congrats!! What a huge accomplishment! We’re all rootin for ya!