I’m Sorry

To the woman driving the big SUV that almost took off my head on scene:
I’m sorry that we inconvenienced you in the fact that we had a lane shut down before a crest. I’m sorry that it slowed you down so much that you figured as soon as you got past the blocking pumper that you had to swing back into your normal lane. I’m sorry that you probably had to change pants when you realized you were about to hit an EMT-I who was just doing his job, and lit up like a reflective christmas tree at that. And most of all, I’m NOT sorry in the least that you got chased down by a deputy, or for the twenty minute lecture I’m sure that Sgt gave you, or for the very expensive ticket (or, knowing him, ticketS) you received.
Seriously though, that was one of the scariest things that’s happened to me on this job. I was leaned into a wrecked car about to worm my way in so fire could extricate, when all of a sudden I feel a *WHOOSH* of air rush past my head and I see a large SUV with a panicked looking driver. The mirror literally went about six inches over my head and the body probably missed my body by about a foot. I know our callouts at roadside are among the most dangerous calls we can run because of other people, but this is the first time this has almost happened to me.
I’m so happy we have good LEOs in the area, and that she DID get freaked out. People, be safe out there. I know the safety vests are retarded sometimes, but wear them. There’s a reason they’re mandated, and we all want to come home to our families.