Here We Go

As I sit here typing this I can’t stop thinking how early I’m awake. But there’s a good reason for it. In a little over 2 hours, I am sitting for the NREMT-P written examination. This is everything I’ve worked so hard for the last three years. I’ve been looking forward to today so very much and I just can’t believe it’s here.
Lets do this. Hopefully by Monday I won’t be TransportJockey, EMT-I… I’ll be TransportJockey, NRP :) I’ve come this far, I won’t let anything as silly as a computer based test stop me.

  • Rescue Monkey

    Are we now using the new titles? Does this mean I have to change my email signature and business card to NRP? Just kidding. Good luck on the test Nate! I’m sure you will do well.