Guess I need a new Banner…

And about me page :) I knew I was forgetting to update somewhere… but the picture below should explain everything and why I’ve been so scatterbrained out of sheer happiness lately 😀

Now to just get my state certs (including taking my NM written to get my NM certification), and see about getting those raises at my current job. #DiscoPatchAchieved!

  • Epijunky

    Congrats :)  I’m not surprised, I knew you’d do it :))

  • John Broyles

    Guess this old sarge has to get on the stick, eh?

  • MedicDan

    It’s been a long time since I have been on the social media stuff, and just stumbled on your latest post. I’d like to say congrats! It’s a long hard road, but you did it and now, back to studying because it never ends! And us younger newer medics have to stay on our game!