Ok, as I’m typing this, I’m seriously debating curling up into a ball. I’ve been working out pretty hard, trying to start on the path of being generally healthier and making flight weight. I just got an email from the local rotor-wing service that I use at work, asking me to call them to try and set up a fly along, which is omething I have been wanting to do for months :) Should be fun.
At this point I’m also realizing that I might actually have a chance at this FP-C exam. I’m shooting for the end of next month to take it and I’m doing quite a lot of studying. a lot of it is making sense and seems like I’m retaining the knowledge. I’m catching a lot of flak at work though for taking the test this early. I will have been a medic almost 1 year (doing busy rural 911 and urban/long-distance IFT, with some bordering onto critical care level calls) by the time I take the exam. I know I can’t likely get a job for another year or more, but it’s a cert I want. And if I know the knowledge and can apply it in the field, then why the hell not?
I’m already considered a damned good medic at my 911 service, even if me not being a cookbook medic has gotten me into trouble in the past, even recent past. I learned early on from some amazing medics that trained me to look at what I have available, then look at the pathophys behind what I’m doing. IF what I’m doing will help the patient, then that is a valid reason for doing something. Of course I don’t completely violate SOP… but I am getting quite good at bending it to suit my needs.
Lol just like a lot of newer medics, I think it’s time to break out of traditions. WE don’t want to be like the fire department in a lot of places “100 years of tradition, unimpeded by progress”

It’s been almost a year since I updated this… and I hadn’t realized I’d neglected this so bad. So just a quick update today and I’l start hopefully doing more regular posts. My tumblr has kinda gotten my short rants lately.
So I’ve been a medic almost 1 year. And what a year it’s been. I still work rural 911 for the private company I’ve been with since I moved back to NM, and I’m still with the Evil Empire doing IFT. I am studying and getting ready to take my FP-C examination, with my personal goal to take it by the end of March.
I also am volunteering in a very rural county just east of me, and I am starting Fire School for FF1 in March. Yes, I allowed myself to be talked into becoming one of those hosemonkey’s I’ve always told myself I wouldn’t be. After volunteering there since just after I got my medic, I realized I want to do more there, and play around some more. I am also in the running for one of the EMS Officer positions. I’m helping them to update and modernize their protocols, and to incorporate ALS treatments, as I’m only the second medic to volunteer in this county.
Oh, and I just started to pick up overtime at an Evil Empire Operation about three hours away. Hopefully a twenty four every other week. So I’m still keeping myself being a busy TransportMonkey.
In addition to all of this, I also just had my first photography efforts published. I took some pictures at the Evil Empire for a PR brochure, and every photo in it is one that I took :) That has been one hell of a highlight.

So in short, I’m still here, just barely giving myself time to breathe still. I’m still working to gain experience and my FP-C, and prove that I’m the damned good medic I know I am. Hell, the boss at my small private 911 job admits that the reason he hasn’t smacked me for being a pain in the ass is that I’m a damned good medic. And also, with the busy rural experience I am working towards my dream job with a flight service. Although that is also forcing me (which is not a bad thing) to start to change my life and take care of myself more, and eat better and get excercise. Gotta make flight weight.
Stay safe out there y’all, I’ll post more later.