Ok, as I’m typing this, I’m seriously debating curling up into a ball. I’ve been working out pretty hard, trying to start on the path of being generally healthier and making flight weight. I just got an email from the local rotor-wing service that I use at work, asking me to call them to try and set up a fly along, which is omething I have been wanting to do for months :) Should be fun.
At this point I’m also realizing that I might actually have a chance at this FP-C exam. I’m shooting for the end of next month to take it and I’m doing quite a lot of studying. a lot of it is making sense and seems like I’m retaining the knowledge. I’m catching a lot of flak at work though for taking the test this early. I will have been a medic almost 1 year (doing busy rural 911 and urban/long-distance IFT, with some bordering onto critical care level calls) by the time I take the exam. I know I can’t likely get a job for another year or more, but it’s a cert I want. And if I know the knowledge and can apply it in the field, then why the hell not?
I’m already considered a damned good medic at my 911 service, even if me not being a cookbook medic has gotten me into trouble in the past, even recent past. I learned early on from some amazing medics that trained me to look at what I have available, then look at the pathophys behind what I’m doing. IF what I’m doing will help the patient, then that is a valid reason for doing something. Of course I don’t completely violate SOP… but I am getting quite good at bending it to suit my needs.
Lol just like a lot of newer medics, I think it’s time to break out of traditions. WE don’t want to be like the fire department in a lot of places “100 years of tradition, unimpeded by progress”

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    Good luck to you!! I’ve just started working out in hopes of it helping me on my potential career paths too. :) It’s discouraging for me right now…but hopefully, with a little luck, some determination, and a lot of Advil, I’ll get to where I want to go. Don’t let other paramedics get you down. As long as you feel ready, there’s no such thing as “too early.” Go get ’em!

  • Cee229

    I found your post was very interesting and easily relatable for those in the medic field. The only thing is you had a few miss spelled words. I think that you did a very good job and good luck I hope it all works out and u enjoy it. :)

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    I wish you good luck! I found that this was a great post and anyone who was trying to become a paramedic can relate to your post. Your use of describing the stress with saying things like how you want to curl up in a ball was great. With some hard work and determination I am sure you can reach your goal. Stress can be very hard to deal with and hard on the body and trying to get a job as a paramedic and training to be one can certainly cause stress. Just remember to stay positive and take care of yourself; and you can reach your dream.