New Toy

So I don’t do this much… but I bought a new toy and wanted to talk about it for a second. As most of you know I work rural 911 (both paid and volunteer) and urban IFT/CCT. I was looking around on Amazon for a few things for my camera and somehow this came up on my recommendations. 



It’s the NAR Boa Contricting IV band. It looked interesting so I decided I’d order it and give it a try. I have used it the past three weeks on all sorts of calls. And compared it to a standard tq like comes in most start kits. So far I like it.

I had a couple tough sticks, including a diabetic that is seizing who had really crappy veins. I had known this from past experience running on this patient. I tried a standard tq and couldn’t find anything, then I remembers that I clipped the boa onto my pants and decided to give it a try. Put it on rather high up, then rolled it down and ‘bam’, a vein popped up that was enough for me to find a place to stick.

Used it on and off on a lot of patients, especially renal failure and oncology patients that I’ve run into the past few weeks and it works amazing. I really have to hand it to them, they have put out a product that is pretty damned cool. And so far it has held up to cavi wipes and just generally being carried by me (I’m pretty hard on things).

All-in-all, a good piece of kit. Especially if you don’t have the money for a veinlite :)

  • DevilDoc82

    Having used these for several years, let me offer you a bit of advice. These are designed to be single patient use. However, that can add up if you are buying them yourself, proper cleaning/disenfecting will help extend the service life, but they wont last forever. I usually reserve them for the times when I can’t see or feel a vein. Also they don’t work well on extremely large arms, or extremely small ones either.

    • transportjockey

      Thank you :) I only will be using it for the hard sticks, and I hope that i can convince my 911 service to invest in some, or maybe con my volly dept into buying a stash of them lol.