Another night in the ER

Week two of orientation. I swear every time I come in for work it’s a much different experience. Working in a hospital again is something I swore I would never do, but it’s been kind of fun. And the pay is a whole lot better.

I also get to interact with docs a lot more than I have in the past. Which is a good thing. They respect our input as medics, and will ask us for our opinions about what they are ordering for our patients. It’s kind of a nice feeling that we are treated as healthcare professionals by them as well.

I’m not sure why so many people badmouth nurses at this hospital, but I also haven’t seen the attitude towards EMS crews that many complain about. I have heard very little comments of “ambulance drivers,” other than to crews that pretty much only deserve that title. For the most part, the RNs here are very considerate towards the crews and will actually listen to them. Same with the treatment they get in the Trauma Room from the docs and the trauma team. It’s actually kind of cool to see how everything plays out from this side.

But on the other hand, I can’t wait to get back on a truck. I haven’t worked an EMS shift in coming on two weeks at this point, and I miss it. I’m gonna probably go back to that little rural service I used to work at in the next week or so and start to pick up some shifts. I have been informed that my services at the Evil Empire are no longer needed, so that’s one less thing I have to deal with.

Anyways, ya’ll stay safe and I’ll update later. I’m actually getting rather busy tonight lol

BTW, these night twelves are killing me. I miss my bunk for shifts