Another Night…

I have quickly found one advantage of working in the ED… Easy to talk to other providers and learn more about some of their positions. Take PAs for example. I’ve always thought somewhat of becoming a PA, especially lately, over a NP… For the sole benefit of I don’t have to be a Nurse first!

All kidding to our nursing colleagues aside, PA seems like it was tailor-made for Paramedics to transition into once they have obtained an undergrad degree. And the option is sound even more appealing when I found out just how much money and effort my hospital would be willing to sink into a paramedic finishing his BS-EMS at the attached university and then trying to apply to PA school. My boss supports it 110%, as long as I stay in Emergency Medicine lol.

The more I work in a hospital setting (including my previous time as a Tech) makes me think that becoming a Nurse is not for me. Especially starting out on a Med-Surg floor or the like. If I could jump right into ED or ICU Nursing, then that’s another story, but I still don’t know if I want to spend time as a nurse (other than possibly flight, which requires ICU/ED time) before I transition to a mid-level provider. The only benefit I’m seeing is the increase in pay while I’m working my way up to a mid-level. Not to mention the way PAs are taught is a closer fit to the way Paramedics are taught to think.

Either way, I think I might actually be here at this hospital a while so I can finish some education. I want that undergrad degree and want to improve myself as a medic. Plus working here let’s me attempt to transition over to fixed wing flight medicine and put my little wings to use. From there, who knows. All I know if I want to keep learning and keep getting experience.