Well now another update

As I’m sure some of you thought, looking at the timing and dates on that last post, that it was an April fool’s joke :p I’m not going to Detroit at the moment. But I do have some real changes soon I’m hoping.


And now for something that just made me go “What?”… I found out that my social anxiety actually gets much much worse when I’m at the hospital.I never gave it much thought, and thought I was just nervous cause I’m still newer to working there… But I was just talking to one of the docs I’m friendly with and they made the comment that they think working in the hospital is making me very anxious. Talk about throwing me for a loop. And make me miss working on the bus even more.

A big change in the wings!

I’ve been rather quiet lately… But I feel now is the right time, with The Happy Medic’s newest announcement, to open up with my newest opportunity on the horizon.

I have been asked to come onboard with the new Detroit Unified Healthcare Service, as a field supervisor! We will, together with many other innovative and progressive EMS professionals, be forming the core of the new Detroit EMS. We will be building it from the ground up and making it a place everyone who is interested in more than being a taxi ride to the hospital will want to travel to!

Stay tuned for more information ASAP about this exciting new service! Click the link above if you’re interested in joining us on this adventure!