Whoa… I really meant to update this thing earlier than this. The last few weeks have been intense. Right now I’m sitting in Santa Fe NM covering a 22 hour shift on an IFT ambulance. I’m about to take a break from everything and try to take a nap. I’m so short on sleep right now it’s probably almost dangerous.

So, how’s everything going? Not too bad overall. I finally saw the inside of my apartment on the way back from class early this morning. Was nice to sleep in my own bed, if only for about 3 hours. The past few weeks have shown me it’s gonna be a long few months, but it will be so worth it to get pinned as a medic.

Speaking of class. I’m almost all the way caught up finally. I started 3 weeks late and have been doing both the work assigned as we go and all the stuff I missed. Luckily it’s a lot of review for me. Right now my average is hovering at about 92% and I am regularly getting told to shut up in class so someone else can answer. I’ve finally decided that I’ll just keep my mouth shut unless I have a question or am called upon.

We are working on airway right now, and we actually had a former flight nurse teach our class last night. She was probably the best instructor we’ve had so far in this program. But then again, she went into much more depth than most instructors think we ‘need’, and since airway and cardiac are my two favorite subjects I’m not going to complain.

We also go to play around with IVs for the first time for some people in our class. I was 3/3 live sticks, and 0/3 for anyone actually getting a stick on me. I told them I was a harder stick, but no one believed me. I did get asked to help with showing people proper techniques for IV insertion. IT actually is showing me that I like instructing. I’m seriously wondering about when I finish my BSN, going for a secondary BS in education.

But pretty much the class is going well. We were given some bad news that we can’t start any form of clinicals or internship rides until almost the first of the year. IT’s gonna be rather annoying because of the long commute, but I’m thinking about volunteering for a VFD district in Las Cruces area just so I can have a place to crash for free and get some more run volume. Yep, my life is revolving around EMS until I get my medic, there’s just no other way to work it and still have money. Hell, my schedule this last week has had me sleeping in my 911 coverage area at one of the spare bases instead of having to drive back to the city and sleep, then turn around 6 hours later and drive down to Ops to pick up my classmate and make the drive to TX.

So… yea, that’s just a quick update. There’s more I wanted to write about but for now I think I’m gonna go take a nap. I’ve got more homework to do still.

And so it begins… Again.

So now that the tough post is out of the way, let’s move on to something happier shall we?

Today was the first day of medic school, mk 2 :) As with any other first day it was interesting, to say the least. One of the most telling things about the program is that there were four of us out of 20 that were not members of the City FireDept, and one of the 4 has been trying to get on with them for years. It does sound like CFD tends to use them as a medic mill, but it is an 11 month program, so it’s better than most mills.

This first semester will be Intro to Advance Practice for the first 8 weeks and Airway/Patient Assessment for the second eight weeks. And for about 14 of the 16 weeks we will be doing clinicals both in the hospital and on the bus. And I was told that I can do up to 50% of my 80 hours down here in BFE. Which is nice considering that just driving to class twice a week will rack up 300 miles at least on my car per week.

We also will do 2 4-hour OR rotations for ETI. I like this a lot, since my program in NM couldn’t secure any OR time for medic students due to the increasing popularity of LMAs and the asses some of the medic students made of themselves in the OR. I’ve got an advantage in that since moving out here I’ve gotten several field tubes, so I know I know how to do it.

And on the subject of skills, I’m apparently the only EMT-I in the entire program. All other 19 students are EMT-Bs. So I was told I’ll be held to a higher standard for skills that I have more practice with than the other students. Not that I mind that. It also means I don’t have to check out in class on IVs I get to go to clinicals a little earlier than the other students in the program.

So far the staff seems good to us. The only thing that struck me that I hate is… well, it’s something I’m not getting away from since the college is an accredited school now. And that’s FISDAP. FISDAP is something I used a little bit in NM and I swear it is just like dispatchers, minions of satan. But win some lose some I guess.

And one of the better parts of medic class is I might have someone that I can car pool with and study with here in BFE. A Vollie for Tiny Town Vollies is in my medic class. And she’s very very cute. It’ll be nice to have someone to drive with, if she agrees to it (we’ve already brought it up once) anyways. The only downside to her incredible cuteness though… her father is a TX DPS Sgt… I rather like my body parts intact and she’s just barely 21 so I’m a little scared off.

Anyways, that’s just first impressions of this medic program. Next class day is monday and I’ve got a ton of extra paperwork to fill out for them, not to mention finish reading the first 5 chapters of volume 1 of our Paramedic text. Not to mention get on Blackboard and register for Med Terminology and A&P (which I’m not dreading at all since they’re both online courses). Ya’ll have a good night, I need to try to get some rest. I go in for a thirty-six in 6 hours.

Yay… new year… new challenges

Well, another year is over. I’ve noticed a lot of bloggers looking back on the last year, and figured I might join in. But, take note, that I hated 2010 for hte most part, so there will be very few good things I can say about it.

Last year:

My ex-fiance got married to my ex-partner,

I quit my job and moved to CO on the promise of a job (which never materialized),

found a job at a private IFT ambulance, then promptly got fired for doing something stupid.

Fell BACK in love with a girl who had been out of my life for years, had my heart stomped on in front of me, set on fire, and then the ashes scattered by said girl.

Moved back in with my parents,

Spent a lot of the rest of my money that I had saved applying for state certs in bordering states and going to places for interviews.

Got a job in BFE TX on a 911 truck (probably the highlight of my year)

Applied for, and get accepted to, paramedic school in the City.

Strengthened a lot of ties with #CoEMS friends and other great friends I’ve made on Twitter. I’ve found out who really will be around when I need a friendly avatar to talk to.


Yea, that’s my list of 2010. This next year will hopefully be easier to make better. I’ll have new challenges. Like working FT, PRN, and being a full-time paramedic student. But I know I can make it through everything that gets thrown at me. I’m used to being on my own, and I’ll prove that I can make it all on my own.

Although the year is off to a rough start with us here in BFE. I pulled what was supposed to be a 36 hour shift over NYE and NYD. It wound up being a 24 since we had a busy day and 1 really bad call. We worked 3 major MVCs and one of those turned into a trauma arrest while we were transporting to the airport to meet a fixed wing to get him to a Lvl1 Trauma in Big City 250 miles up the road.

Curiously I didn’t really feel anything with any of those patients. Sure it was sad they got into accidents over a holiday weekend, but I just did my job and walked away with no questions in my mind or doubts about why stuff like that happened.

For the most part, calls that day had been routine calls. Headache, dizziness, drunk, the usual for a holiday weekend. No suicide attempts or people doing grossly stupid things… Until we got the call that got me sent home early.

We got dispatched out secondary to PD for a 911 hangup call. They got on scene and sounded pretty damned flustered when they were calling us, so we got there relatively quickly.

Now, keep in mind, I hate kids. With one very large exception I don’t want them. And the person that I would have helped them raise their daughter… well, long story. Longer than I wanna go into. That and kids on calls scare me, since I don’t deal with them well.

Anyways, we get on scene and find a kiddo that has been beat to within an inch of her life. Why? Because her low life dad was a fuckign drunk and apparently she had dropped something that broke. His solution? To wail on the kid until she was quiet. The mom called, then apparently ‘thought better’ about it and hung up.

I don’t wanna talk too much abotu that call, since I know it’s already going to give me nightmares. But yea, this year is not off to a good start.

So anyways… new year, new challenges. Let’s hope things go well. School, work, work, school. That will be my life this next year, and I can’t say I mind. Keeping busy is good. Keeps me from thinking too much. As I’ve found out this past year, thinking hurts in more ways than one.

Oh and I decided to not give up caffeine like I was planning this year. That would be suicidal I think. So I decided to just give up carbonated beverages (like my Monster  O_O), with maybe the exception of a beer a week if I ever am off duty long enough to have one. So, the drinks and losing weight are my only new years resolutions other than rocking the paramedic course and earning my disco patch by the end of the year.

Long long week

What I saw on my GPS when I got back to my apartment

The above is slightly scary. I just got back from a week long trip, and unfortunately it just made me more frustrated than I was when I left.

I left early on Monday morning to start the 7-8 hour drive to a small town in NM, a little south of the big city. That drive was horrendously boring, as all drives through NM north of Las Vegas are. I actually had a radio so it wasn’t too bad, would have been better if my A/C had been working though. Made it to my parents place and then went to see how my grandmother was doing…

That’s where it started to get bad. Like I’ve said in a previous post, it’s a horrible feeling when your grandmother doesn’t know who you are, even worse when she recognizes your twin brother, your identical twin brother!, but not you. My grandmother that I knew and loved doesn’t really exist anymore. The MDs are saying she had two CVAs (one of which led to the earlier fall in which she broke her hip and wrist), and are predicting a third that they’re not sure she’ll recover from. Right now she’s doing better than they ever thought, since she’s feeding herself and talking and being semi coherent… I feel bad for saying this, but it still feels like she’s already gone even when she was sitting right in front of me.

I spent Tuesday trying to go to the DMV and get my truck registered (just in case I luck out and go out of the country for a year on a job, I wanted it registered in the town my parents live in with one of them on the title). First their system was down, then I found out that recently NM instituted a statute saying that if ‘gift’ is written on the title you need a signed and notarized paper from the person you got it from. I couldn’t get that so the truck stayed unregistered.

Wednesday I spent the morning hanging around town waiting for my brother to come down from the city so we could load up a couch, bed, and entertainment center in the back of my truck and get it to his place. That wasn’t too bad actually. And when I got to the city I got to see one of my old partners and we hung out for a while watching movies.

Thursday was kinda the same, saw people I hadn’t seen in a while. I had crashed at my brothers so I was in the city already. I decided to pay my old hospital’s HR dept a visit since I applied as a unit clerk and as an ER tech. Was told that since I left on very good terms with them, getting back on should be easy compared to someone they didn’t know. So here’s hoping for the tech job, even if it does mean moving back to Big City NM.

Friday was the most annoying day I’ve had in a while. I took my brothers Mustang and headed down to El Paso TX… Now I know why Texans disown that damned city. Was supposed to go down there to do ETI and IV practical tests since the state of TX won’t take my NR practical results (more in a sec on that). I was also supposed to get my fingerprints done. Well, fingerprints got done but nothing else did. The tester I was supposed to meet with called in sick at the last minute, and no one else in the entire city that could test ALS skills was available. So that was a wash.

We did however figure out that while TX won’t accept NREMT-I/85 practicals for TX EMT-I cert, there’s no reason they shouldn’t accept NREMT-P practicals, since it covers everything and then some. I happen to still have my medic practical results and I’m going to be calling TX on Tuesday to try and sort this out. I assume they tuned out the word ‘medic’ when I told them I had a set of NREMT practicals that should meet their requirements… since it is odd that an EMT-I/85 would have done the medic practicals, I can’t really blame them.

Oh, and Friday before I left for EP, I sent her the letter I’d been working on. Now she hasn’t mentioned it at all and I haven’t been able to get a hold of her by calling, we’ve just been texting as usual… so I’m not sure what’s going on now. And the situation is too complicated for my liking :(

So now I’m back at my apt (not really home, but my cat and my bed are here) and about to crash. Night all.

Oh, here’s a picture I took on the way home… Yep, rain almost the entire way.

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You know it's an ambulance orientation…

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