Wait… Already planning again?

I’ve been here in BFE, TX for about two months, yet I’m already looking at planning my next move. Actually my next two at least. Maybe being single actually a good thing… Since I apparently have a problem settling down and staying in one place for very long.

I plan on staying here in BFE for at least 2.5 years or so. Long enough to get my AAS in Paramedicine and my Paramedic License (not cert) here in TX. Plus it’ll give me good experience working in a 911 system, and prove to myself that I can handle being definitive care for a long transport until I can actually get them to a hospital. That means a lot to me since I’ll actually have time to see my interventions make a difference or not, instead of dropping off the patient after only being with them for 10 minutes or so.

It’s ok living here, but it kinda sucks to have to drive at least 70 miles to do anything. I guess while I like living in a small town, there’s a limit on just how small. The town in NM that I lived in HS was just barely larger than here, but it had a college and a few things to do at least.

After I finish up my AAS and get some experience, I’m looking at moving back to NM and going to the University there and going for my Bachelors of Science in EMS on the Critical Care track. There are a few services I can work for down there that I am pretty familiar with, plus my old service down there if I really wanted to.

Some people have asked why I would make a move in the middle of going to where I really want to work at just to go to school for another two years, especially since I’ll already be a paramedic. Well… because I believe that more education is essential in this field. I want to have as much education as I can so I can better serve the patients who trust me with their care. The fact that they don’t get to pick and choose who responds to their calls makes me want to work that much harder to make sure I’m the best provider I can be and see if I can help change the system from the inside out.

I figure I’ll stay there for a few years (as short a time as I can manage while getting my degree) and then get ready to move again. I really don’t want to do career EMS in Albuquerque, just not that fond of the system there. I’ve been looking at various systems that I would love to spend my career working in and I’ve come up with three of them. One is Austin/Travis County, of course. A great third service in a good system. I’ve heard only good things about them, but heard they might be going to a P/B or P/I truck instead of the P/P trucks like I’ve heard they run.

My second option is Wake County EMS. This one appeals to me due to the fact that they have a community paramedicine program. That type of work really makes me happy to think about. I’d love to do it.

And the last option I’ve thought of so far is back to Denver to work for Denver Health Paramedics. Primarily a Paramedic agency with very few BLS trucks. I love the area up there and the agency didn’t seem too bad when I was there.

So those are my rough plans for the next 6 years or so of my life. Lets see how much life will throw at me and force me to change those plans. :)

Well, I’m on shift now as well, so it’s time to watch some more TV unless I find something else to ramble on about! Ya’ll stay safe out there.

Finally some good news :)
I had an interview with a medium sized 911 company in the greater Denver Metro area last week. They called back 3 hours later and offered me a job. Made me ecstatic. The interview itself was pretty intense.

It started off normally, ya know, ‘tell me a little about yourself’. That kind of thing. Then it went into a verbal scenario. One I’ve actually had before when I worked IFT in Albuquerque. You get to a SNF for a regular transport and an LPN flags you down to look at another patient. Ok, fine. Go look at the other patient and it winds up being an unresponsive patient due to hypoglycemia. No problem. Start a line, push some D50. Except they throw in that I accidently pushed Bicarb because I didn’t look carefully at the drug. Fine, push an amp of D50 (looking carefully this time), hook her up to the monitor, and just monitor.
I said I’d document what happened and make sure I had all my ducks in a row. Basically what happened was it seemed like they were trying to talk me into not filing a report even though it was reported to the receiving RN and MD. I wouldn’t go for it. I decided that since I made the mistake I should own up to it.

I walked out of the interview not feeling well about it. But as I was getting ready to climb into my truck one of the managers came out and congratulated me on the interview. He said they usually don’t do that during interviews but they wanted to see how I would handle a curve ball. I guess I did well enough. He said if I had answered any differently I wouldn’t have been hired.

I did my physical, drug test, and physical agility test on Monday and did fine. Got issued 3 uniform shirts and a jacket as well. I start orientation May 3rd at 0800. And I have to show in uniform. Glad I already have boots and pants that will work.

I’m very happy about this. I’ll be glad to get on a truck again. This company isn’t the best in the metro area, from what I’ve been told, but I’m willing to give it a shot. From the interview and a crew letting me poke around and talk to me, it seems pretty good. The rigs are in good condition and the equipment looks pretty new. The managers also seem to genuinely care about their employees. The only thing I’m not happy about, and I know it’s getting to be pretty much standard, is the white button down shirts :P. I’m gonna miss the polos and scrubs I wore in Albuquerque.

But lets hope things keep getting better. This is a good start.

I also technically have a job at Best Buy but I’m waiting to hear back from them when they get drug results back so I can start orientation before I start the ambulance job. Both jobs would be nice but I can easily make due with the rig job