Tonight is the start of my work week. 3 or 4 12 hour shifts from 8pm to 8am. Sunday night is my pickup night if the medic on the 7pm truck winds up going to one of my companies 911 services.

You see, I’m an EMT-B that runs a BLS interfacility transfer ambulance. We take patients to and from nursing homes, ERs hospital floors, and residences. I also run emergency calls from nursing homes that are too stupid to call 911.

And on Saturday morning at 0830 right after work, and then on monday at 0800, I start my second life. I’m a full time college student at the local community college. I’m taking A&P, EMS Pharm, EMS Drug Cal, and Advanced Trauma. If you couldn’t tell I’m doing my pre reqs for my NREMT-P, or medic. 12 credit hours this semester, then starting the hell that is P-school next semester hopefully. If I don’t get into the medic cohort first time around, I’ll be doing some pre nursing classes and my EMT-I.

And somewhere in all this is my fiance. She is taking the same courses as I am, just different days. And she works during the day on nights that I work, with the same company. We plan to go on to medic together and then get married Sept 12th of 2009, about 1 month after we finish our paramedic school. Or sooner or later depending on how everything works out.

And maybe as an addition I’m going to try talking with my bosses to pull some 911 shifts out in Torrance county or San Miguel Counties, in New Mexico.

Well, I plan to use htis blog to just post thoughts on calls and school an anything else that comes to mind. It’s good to finally start this, I’ve been debating it since I started reading ADs blog a while back.