Finding a job here in Colorado at this point, at least in the EMS field, is seemingly difficult since I’m not a medic yet. So I’m seriously thinking about getting a cert in either OK, TX, or LA. All three states take my NREMT-I/85 cert at face value, and at least TX and OK have opening right now.

I’m just getting frustrated today, since I have gotten 4 turn downs in the last 8 hours. I have a lot more apps out there, but I just feel more and more frustrated. Rent is now paid for June, but I’m just feeling a pinch with money right now. Hell, I don’t know if I’ll have enough to certify in another state, plus eat. Let alone move out there if I get a job. What I might have to do is see if I can borrow some money from my parents with the promise to pay them back once I get back on my feet finally.

This is not the first time I’m regretting leaving Albuquerque. I had a set job there and was making good money. I could have lived comfortably for a while, but due to my ex marrying my ex-partner, problems with school, and just not being happy… I leapt before I really looked out over the edge. I just keep thinking that maybe I should have done it a little more careful.

But it’s already done. Now it’s time to pick myself back up, dust myself off, and proceed to get back to kicking ass and being a damned good EMT or Tech. And if that means moving again, this time with no friends there, I’ll do it. And probably come out of it a better person than I was to begin with. Afterall, that’s why I can still talk to friends with the wonders of the net and phone. Thank god for all of them.

Funny thinking in class

Just got back to my apt after my A&P class, which comes after a rather hectic 12.75 hour shift on an ALS truck.

Well, my A&P prof decided to rant on about how EMS systems here in ABQ are a wasteful setup and need to be changed. And this is on the first day, mind you. I’m not sure what prompted the discussion at this point, but I might remember later.

First some background on the EMS system here in ABQ NM:
We run a two tiered 911 system. First tier is the Fire Dept, either ABQ Fire, Bernallilo County Fire, Rio Rancho Fire, or one or two others. They usually are first on scene and handle extrication and primary intervention and assessments. Y0u usually get an ALS Engine (3 BLS or ILS providers and a medic, the Engine carries a monitor and jump bags with supplies and some have Narcs and drugs) and a Rescue. For MVCs sometimes you get a heavy extrication truck and a ladder truck too.
2nd tier is ABQ Ambulance Service. They basically just transport from the scene to the appropriate hospital. Sometimes with a fire medic riding along. They run all ALS trucks for 911 with an occasional ILS truck for inter-facility runs. They are single medic with a BLS or ILS provider doing the driving.
And then in ABQ area you have some other EMS services. You have my company, which does mainly interfacility in the ABQ area and 911 in 3 other counties in the state. And also is Dying Cross, which does 911 down 1 county but everything is brought up to ABQ becauae there are no hospitals really down there.
And add in the rotor wing flight service, you’ve got a pretty hefty package up here.

This A&P class has several working EMTs and FFs in it, along with some brand new baby basics fresh out of B-classes and trying to get into and pass medic with no field experience. So its not a class that has no EMS knowledge.

I’ve done some thinking about the way that it works up here and in some ways I think that she might have had a point. Almost every LOLFDGB that calls gets a three ring circus showing up at her door. Not to mention if she needs to be transported from one facility to another, there usually is yet another company (mine) that does that work. And that doesn’t include what happens if we witness or are first to come across an accident on the roads.

It’s gotten to the point that some nursing homes will call us (!) instead of 911 when something goes wrong just so they only have one unit showing up and don’t “Cause a fuss” when they forgot that a pt died two days ago and are just now doing rounds again.

But what needs to be done is what I don’t know. We’ve been talking about it for months at my current service, but as we are a for-profit service and they are non-profit run by a hospital system, we don’t really know what all needs to be done.

Well, that’s my little rant for today. I’m sitting here in the first 4 hours of my 12 looking into a 911 vollie fire service to volunteer with, even though I’m not a big fan of volunteer services