I'm frustrated and have a decision to make… I need help making it!

I’m frustrated right now. I’ve had two phone interviews in as many days. They’ve gone great! But at the end of the interview they have told me that they don’t have any FT positions and that they can’t pay me enough for PT positions to warrant me moving out there. And I’ve gotten four more rejections in the last week, plus well over a dozen services that I haven’t heard from except for them asking for a copy of this or that. Frustrating, yep it’s a good word for it.

I’ve been debating finding any job (probably a job waiting tables again) and staying in Albuquerque. If I do that, I can hopefully start UNM’s BS-EMS/EMT-P degree program in August, and I’d be getting my full NM EMT-I cert in December, so I could start working on a bus for LCAS after that. I know the school, it’s got a good reputation, and would set me up by being a great educational background for moving on later.

I’m just getting frustrated and am wondering if moving states really is such a good idea. On one hand I paid the money to TX DSHS EMS for my EMT-I cert, but so far it doesn’t seem to be paying off. I’m sick of living with my parents and just want to get back out on my own, get my life back on track. I want to go back to school and get my medic cert ASAP. I just can’t figure out what the best thing to do would be.

Moving update…

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this, but I hate moving. With a passion.
But anyways… My roommate is now moved up to Lakewood in our place. We took my truck fully loaded and a rental trailer up there on Wednesday right after I got off of work. Long long trip. About 8 hours worth. But she now has all of her stuff up there and is starting working I think today…
Meanwhile I came back on Thursday just in time to go to a staff meeting at the hospital (great waste of 20 minutes BTW) and then head home. Now it’s time for me to pack. I have three more weeks working as a Tech at my hospital. It can’t end soon enough 😛
I wound up talking to an area firefighter while I was up there though and got pointed in the direction of a service that just lost several EMTs and Medics. So I think I’ll email their recruiter and see what they say. The only problem is that I’m still waiting for CO state to send me my license. Seems like it’s taking forever.

After I get up there I’ll look around at schools, although the same area that this service covers and that firefighter works in apparently has one of the better AAS programs for Paramedicine, so I’m hoping that all of it works out.

Now, time to go pack some more, then onto #CoEMS


Tonight is the start of my work week. 3 or 4 12 hour shifts from 8pm to 8am. Sunday night is my pickup night if the medic on the 7pm truck winds up going to one of my companies 911 services.

You see, I’m an EMT-B that runs a BLS interfacility transfer ambulance. We take patients to and from nursing homes, ERs hospital floors, and residences. I also run emergency calls from nursing homes that are too stupid to call 911.

And on Saturday morning at 0830 right after work, and then on monday at 0800, I start my second life. I’m a full time college student at the local community college. I’m taking A&P, EMS Pharm, EMS Drug Cal, and Advanced Trauma. If you couldn’t tell I’m doing my pre reqs for my NREMT-P, or medic. 12 credit hours this semester, then starting the hell that is P-school next semester hopefully. If I don’t get into the medic cohort first time around, I’ll be doing some pre nursing classes and my EMT-I.

And somewhere in all this is my fiance. She is taking the same courses as I am, just different days. And she works during the day on nights that I work, with the same company. We plan to go on to medic together and then get married Sept 12th of 2009, about 1 month after we finish our paramedic school. Or sooner or later depending on how everything works out.

And maybe as an addition I’m going to try talking with my bosses to pull some 911 shifts out in Torrance county or San Miguel Counties, in New Mexico.

Well, I plan to use htis blog to just post thoughts on calls and school an anything else that comes to mind. It’s good to finally start this, I’ve been debating it since I started reading ADs blog a while back.