Ups and Downs all in a couple of days

Interesting couple of days… or at least interesting now that I’m doped up on medications.
Yesterday started fun enough. Took the truck on some of the dirt trails to a bit of BLM land that is used as a firing range. I left early enough to have it all to myself which was nice :) Took two .22LRs, my Mosin, and my EAA Witness in 10mm. Burned through about 400 rounds of .22, 50 of 7.62x54R and 40 of 10mm. Also ran out of targets. All of the guns I took shot great :) And I didn’t wanna stop even after I ran out of targets.
So what did I do? Well, I pick up my brass anyway (and picked up about 400 pieces of brass that had been left by other shooters), so I figured why not try to shoot the brass? It was pretty fun actually. Hit a 7.62 brass with my 10mm, and several pieces of varying brass with shots from the .22s. All iron sites at 10+ meters. Not too bad if I say so myself (I’ll get the brass out of the truck and take some pictures of them)

On the way back I heard a snapping sound and then a weird sizzling sound coming from the underside of my truck. Pulled over real quick and looked underneath. What did I find? My tranny spurting ATF. Not good. Got a tow truck called to come get me and towed my truck to a transmission shop. I was about 40 miles from home, not too bad. I called around and tried to find a friend or two that wasn’t doing anything so they could come pick me up. Nothing much happening there.

Wound up calling my brother in ABQ and having him get me a deal at a hotel in the same family as the one he works at there. Only problem with that is that the hotel was 3.5 miles away, and there are no busses or cabs in this town. Great… grabbed water an my pack out of the truck and started walking. $35 for a night at the hotel, not gonna complain.

While I was walking over there, I got a very unexpected but very good phone call. Pridemark Paramedics was calling to ask if I would be willing to come in on Monday afternoon for an interview. I told them yes and kinda did a little happy dance. I really was not expecting that since I got my interview last week cancelled due to them having too many medics to interview. IT sounds like they need 3 more full time crews, so they called some of the EMTs on the top of their list that hadn’t interviewed yet. That’s one good thing. Would prefer to still go overseas, but this will do nicely.

Crashed about midnight at the hotel and woke up early at 0600… with 5/10 right flank pain that radiated to the back. Not again :( As time went on it kept getting worse. Finally evening out at about an 8/10 with n/v to go along with it. Not too fun.

Got a call that my truck was ready and hitched a ride over to the shop. Turns out the pan gasket and a tranny cooler line blew. No big deal. The mechanic handed me my keys while he was telling me what happened to the truck. He replaced both things and topped off the ATF. Then I got another shock. He told me the work was on the house. Apparently he’s a volly FF/EMT for a local dept and decided that he would do a favor to an EMT that’s relatively new to the area. He wouldn’t take a dime for the work to the truck. Some people say EMS is a family, and times like this it feels like it.

Got back home with flank pain still there pretty bad. Finally broke down after it had been going on about 10 hours and went to an Urgent care. Now I rememeber why I saw them turf so many of their patients straight to a hospital. Wound up going to the ER on their orders, where I had an U/S, bloods drawn, IV started, IV phenergan and IV Toradol given. I feel a little more human now. U/S still show what might be the start of a gall stone forming :( Not my month for that.
Anyways, I’m off to bed, hopefully I’ll feel better