New pictures and changes

So now that I'm actively promoting my photography venture, I figured I'll post a couple of my newest pictures and the link to the site. I have updated some of the content and the formatting. Let me know what ya'll … [Continue reading]

Another Night…

I have quickly found one advantage of working in the ED... Easy to talk to other providers and learn more about some of their positions. Take PAs for example. I've always thought somewhat of becoming a PA, especially lately, over a NP... For the sole … [Continue reading]

Just an update

I now have my photo site up and running!   I also have the link now up at the menu bar. Let me know what you think! … [Continue reading]

Another night in the ER

Week two of orientation. I swear every time I come in for work it's a much different experience. Working in a hospital again is something I swore I would never do, but it's been kind of fun. And the pay is a whole lot better. I also get to … [Continue reading]

This is weird…

So... it's my first night as an ER Paramedic at the state's trauma center... So far all I can say is; This is weird... Very weird. It's kinda fun though, since there are only two of us (counting my trainer) here on the floor, and we are responsible … [Continue reading]

It’s been a hell of a ride

And there's still more to go... I was just thinking of this past year and what all has happened. 1) I obtained my FP-C certification in October 2) I began work as a line supervisor for the evil empire, which I have just stepped down from 3) I have … [Continue reading]

I’m not one for bragging…

But I'm promoting my newest venture... Stretcher Monkey Photography! You can find it here: I'm going to be actively promoting my photography venture a little bit I think. Let me know what ya'll think, … [Continue reading]

Let’s Try Something New … [Continue reading]

Here we go again

Well... Here we go again. Up there is gear, clothes, and uniforms for the next month. I deploy tomorrow morning at 0955 to NH as a relief medic. Should be rather fun and the protocols are very broad. I'll be gone for the next month and might be there … [Continue reading]

New Toy


So I don't do this much... but I bought a new toy and wanted to talk about it for a second.¬†As most of you know I work rural 911 (both paid and volunteer) and urban IFT/CCT. I was looking around on Amazon for a few things for my camera and somehow … [Continue reading]