This is weird…

So… it’s my first night as an ER Paramedic at the state’s trauma center… So far all I can say is;
This is weird… Very weird. It’s kinda fun though, since there are only two of us (counting my trainer) here on the floor, and we are responsible for not only primary patient care on up to 6 patients at once, but also we are the go-to people to help in the rest of the unit and the trauma bays.
I honestly never thought I wanted to go back to working in a hospital again, but this could be fun. Plus there’s the amazing benefits and the option of free education on a pretty consistent basis. I’m still going to be working the truck at least a few shifts a month (or one a week I hope) but this will become my primary job. It’s also easy to transition to a flight team job after I’ve been here a while, since the hospital runs a fixed wing program.
But this is also my first night shift in a long time that going to bed when I’m not doing anything isn’t an option. THAT I don’t like. But here we go. Another chapter opened, another door taken. Let’s see what kind of trouble I can get myself in.

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Well, it’s been a busy day, but a very fun one :)
I drove 6 hours today, started out at seven my time, to get to BFE, TX from BFE,NM. Checked into my hotel (thank god my brother works at this chain, so it’s dirt cheap) and changed and cleaned up a little so I’m presentable (black medic pants, boots, blue button down shirt) to meet this municipal service’s chief.
I get to the ambulance station (which is cohabitated with the VFD) and part next door at the SD building. I wander up and look around.
Outside they have an older Type III with a long box mounted on it, and a regular Type III marked for the FD extrication gear. As I get closer to the EMS side I see a newer Chevy Type II sitting in the center bay in front of what looked like an old school pumper. And in the bay next to those was real beauty. A medium duty Chevy box rig. Looks almost brand new, behind that is a slightly older IH medium duty box. All of it looks in great shape.
I knock on the door to the EMS station and am invited in by the two on duty crew members. They tell me that the chief is out at the moment but should be back soon. They offer me a seat and we start BSing. They seem to be a pretty laid back bunch and ask me questions about my past experiences while I return the favor and pick their brains about this small service. They seem to like working there, and tell me that it’s a small group so it really is like a family.
“That’s great for me, sicne I’ll be away from family and friends if I get this job” I think to myself.
They are glad to hear that I’m an EMT-I that applied for their service, since they can use more FT ALS providers. The medic on duty tells me a little about their protocols while we’re talking, and it seems like that really do have an agressive medical director.
After about an hour of talking, the chief shows up and greets me. He seems to be a very nice man, that is respected by his crews. He asks if I’ve been shown around, and when told no, he proceeded to take me upstairs to show me the living area (downstairs is the kitchen/office/supply room) and bunkrooms. It all looks pretty nice for an older building. He explains to me that for right now the firefighters are housed in the other side of the apparatus bays in a similar arrangement, when there were any firefighters on duty. He also explains to me that this town is odd since they have a career municipal EMS dept (albeit they’ve only been paid for just over a year) but an all volunteer FD. And there is only one FF that is trained to EMT or even ECA standards. The rest have just been show how to help the medics and EMTs on accident scenes.
After showing me the inside he takes me out to the rigs to look around. The Chevy MD is gorgeous. He says they have another Type III C4500 on order w/ a 12′ box on the back of it. Inside is some nice gear.
EZ-IO, LP12 w/ all the goodies, vacuum splints, cool rail mount type head blocks, power cots, the normal EMS supplies, and a small disposable vent that is just a plastic piece that hooks into the O2 tree and requires no electricity. It all looks nice. They also have CPAP masks, but no controller boxes yet… but talking with the chief and playing with a vent and the CPAP mask I was able to rig up a poor-mans CPAP (thanks @ambodriver, your book is what gave me the idea!) that the chief wants to try out the next time they have a CHF pt CTD.
After he was done telling me about some of the protocol questions I asked about, and showing me around… the next words out of his mouth were “Well, lets take you to my boss to get you started working for us”
I was flabbergasted to say the least. I guess us talking counted as my interview 😀
After talkign with the city manager I had a job offer from them. Decent pay, good benefits, TX Municipal League retirement plan, school reimbursement, agressive protocols, great medical director, and long transport times. I thought I had died and gone to heaven.
Now all I have to do is wait. My background check still hasn’t come back, but since I passed a more intensive check earlier when i got me TX cert, I’m not worried. Then it’s time to pee in a cup and take their ‘physical’. I’m not worried about either of those, especially once they described what their physical was. So hopefully by late next week I should be out here again and starting my orientation rides :)
Now to sleep a little. If my BG check comes back tomorrow I’m doing the drug test and physical tomorrow, and I’ve also got an appointment at the nearest big city (about 75 miles away) to see what we can do about me finishing medic school :)