Long day lately!

So… that patch up there looks rather odd right? Well, that’s cause as of yesterday I’m 0.75 % of a paramedic :) We had our practical testing yesterday… and with one retest I passed everything! I had to retest Trauma assessment, since I got a bit flustered and went all over the map during my first try. But now I’m just waiting for them to process my clinical paperwork and make sure my file is up to date… Then I can sign up for my NREMT written test at the Paramedic level!
I’m so freaking stoked and I’m almost there :) I can’t wait to finish testing and become a medic!

(Late) Thanksgiving

I know I’m a couple days late for my Thanksgiving post… but that’s what happens when you work until midnight on Thanksgiving, and then go have your family thanksgiving on Friday. The joys of me, my brother, and my father all working sometime during thanksgiving.
My shift on thanksgiving was… eventful, to say the least. DOA, Drunk driver MVC, MI, CVA, hypoglycemic patient. But it was fun. We had a great crew on duty that day, and the supervisors cooked for all the road crews… Dear god did we have a lot of food

And that is missing almost all of the meat that was fixed. Calls were spaced so we all got some down time, which was very welcome. And I believe we had at least one person from every uniformed agency in our county that showed up to either eat or BS with our crews. I forgot how much fun it is to hang out with your fellow uniformed personnel even on a holiday. And it looks like I’ll get another chance to do it this year, as I start a 36 on Christmas this year.
And since this is Thanksgiving post… I figure I might say what I’m thankful for… and to be honest, this is a hard year to be thankful for anything. But I know I have to think forward.
The main thing I’m thankful for this year is my family. My father, my mother, and my brother. They have all helped me out this year more than I ever thought I’d need. But even if I didn’t say I needed something, they seemed to know it. They’ve been a rock I’ve been leaning on to get through this year.
Also my family at work. The service I work for doesn’t have the best reputation in the area, but our crews work hard, know what they’re doing, and we are much more tight knit than the larger services in the area. I’ve made some incredible friends since I started down here, and I know I’ve always got the support of a lot of people there, and I have a lot of people I work with that are pulling for me to finish medic school.
Oh, and I’m thankful to be nearing the end of my journey to become a Paramedic. I have a couple more weeks of classroom (final is on Dec 15!) and then 4-8 weeks of clinicals and internship… I plan on being done by the end of Feb if I have any say in it at all.
I’m also thankful for all of my blog, twitter, and tumblr friends for helping keep me sane this past year, both before I moved back to NM from TX, and after everything happened in May. Ya’ll are the most amazing people I have ever talked to, and I hope to meet a bunch of ya’ll soon at either Expo or Today.
I’m thankful to someone that I never thought about until recently. I’ve been talking to a girl… an incredible girl. It’s amazing. I’m thankful that I can feel the way I do about her at all. Right now we’re just friends, but I wanna see how things play out.
And lastly… I’m thankful that I get to go to work every shift, and get paid to do something that I would gladly do for free if I had to. I love my job and my career choice, and I love being able to make even a little bit of a difference in someone’s life. So everyone, thank you for everything you’ve ever done for me.
This is the first post of many I’ve got bouncing in my head. And with medic school finally slacking off a bit, I shold get some more posts done.

Three posts, three days? Really?

A couple of days ago I asked people for advice… I got some advice, and did a lot of thinking.
My results? Going back to school ASAP and getting my medic cert and BS-EMS + BSN are the most important things to me right now. So with the exception of an application I’m going to be putting in Ohio, I’m done applying out of state. Any applications that are already out in CO and TX will stand, and I’ll consider offers, if I get any, from those companies. But for the most part, I’m staying in the ABQ NM area.
Thsi took me a while to decide for a lot of reasons. One of them is I want out of this state. In the worst way. Going to Austin and then to TN this summer for interviews and to see someone who used to be very special to me (still is really, but apparently I’m not worth talking to… but that’s antoher story entirely) showed me that I don’t like living in the desert. Especially this desert. I don’t like the people, I don’t like the culture.
But I have a solid support net already here, I know the area, the services, and the state protocols already. I know the schools’ reputations, how they operate.
So, since I’m having such a hard time getting hired with a temp cert, I’m looking for any jobs out there. Starbucks, waiting tables, book store, motorcycle shop… anything that will help me take care of myself till December when I completely nail the state EMT-I test and I can start working on a bus again. I have one service that wants me when that happens, so I’m already doing better here in NM than I was looking at moving to other states.
At this point I’m making my one and only priority school. I want that bachelors degree. I really really fucking want the disco patch.
And guess what? I’m gonna get them both.

Hey there!

News flash! Prairie Dogs chirp. I did not know this until I damn near stepped on this little guy… I thought it was an angry bird until I looked down.